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5 Oct 2017 09:52 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

Took Mrs B out for a ride the other day and guess what trees we came across, Chectnut trees of course and I just had to stop and pick some up didnt I. Mrs B said now I know why you were so keen to get me to agrree.

But we went down the country roads and allthough we have always lived in the country, we both saw more pheasants than we have ever seen before. One field we passed there must have been close to a hundred right near the road. Yesterday I had to take her for a check up at the local hospital and there in the car park was a chestnut tree so picked up a few more.

Have also contacted several local village magazines to ask if they would be intersted in some editorial on our wood club. So far six have expessed an interst. I have told them I will send it with photos early next year as we close Jan & Feb so dont want to do it when we are closed. I have also been working on next months newsletter and have recieved several nice comments from member about the last one. I do appreciate their kind comments as it make it all worthwhile. Also have got our Decmber show listed in their Whats On sections for free.

Hope work has not been too busy this week. I was looking at the calendar and was shocked how few weeks we have left before Christmas. 

Arnt the nights drawing in quickly and the mornings are darker later. Just reminds me Autum is here and winter is not far away (Just to cheer you up ha ha)

Well had better press on; so much to do and so little time to do it as they say,

Sending kind thoughts to you and your family, Brian


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10 Oct 2017 08:42 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Glad to read that Mrs B able to enjoy your country drive.  Love this time of year with all the changing colours and with the current mild temperatures it's an added bonus when out walking too.  When out with my son and grand-daughter yesterday came across many sweet chestnut trees and many squirrels having a 'ball' at their local Country Park.  Over two hours strolling and such amazing views of nature at work.


Woken up to drizzle today but it is supposed to clear so hoping for a dry walk to visit Mum.  Sadly it is more of a vigil now but it is important to me that I go and sometimes she is aware that I have been in.  Difficult days.


Hope you and Mrs B had a pleasant weekend and that you and all the family keep well. Jules

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11 Oct 2017 19:46 in response to jules54

Hi Jules and Brian! Long time no see, feels like forever since I’ve been on here! 

Jules how’s your mum? I hope she’s doing okay.

Brian hope everything is well with you and Mrs B! 

Just had my birthday in September and went to Tenerife and had a lovely time. Didn’t do a lot just walked about and sat at the pool. That’s my kind of holiday, was going to go with kids etc but couldn’t be bothered with the hassle so they’ve all went on a separate holiday. Took my sister and my close cousin Maureen. My sister if you remember hasn’t had the best of health and has thankfully got back on her feet and is doing well. She gets regular check ups for breast cancer and they don’t classify her as “Cured” until 5 years after so right now she’s in remission. 

I can’t belive how long I’ve been away, I’m going to try and get on here from time to time from now on. Take care all Happy 


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12 Oct 2017 00:57 in response to Diane1946

  Hi Lass just like you I have have not  been on here for some but I must try to say more  regerds to all lol george

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12 Oct 2017 06:51 in response to Diane1946

Hi Diane

Always lovely to have old friends pop in. How wonderful that you were able to get away on holiday with your sister and cousin and happy to read the news that your sister is in remission and doing well.  A nice break sets you up for the cooler months ahead though at least here we are enjoying good temperatures for this time of year and as yetI have not had to have the heating on!!  As they are promising us a good day today I have just put the washing on the line as am off to work in 45mins.  Mind you felt a little strange hanging it out in the dark!

Mum,now 91, is quite poorly and and receiving good care to keep her comfortable and as pain free as possible. I visited on Tuesday and for the most part she was sleeping but had been aware that I was there when I first arrived.  Little more that can be done now sadly and they have placed her on 'end of life'care  so they can be prepared.though,as is usual, there is no timeline.

My own day to day life is rumbling along and still get to enjoy the children and grandchildren and plenty of walks.I love the changing colours at this time of year.

Hope you are keeping well yourself, take care. Jules x

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12 Oct 2017 06:59 in response to urostar

Good morning George,

No matter how few the words it is always good to see you posting.  Here are a couple of our feathered friends to make  you smile.  Best wishes, Julesx

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12 Oct 2017 16:45 in response to Diane1946

Hello Diane, lovely to hear from you and that you managed a nice, restful holiday - and I'm so pleased that your sister is getting back on an even keel at last. 

Sending hugs to you both, Hazel xx

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12 Oct 2017 16:47 in response to urostar

Hello George!  Happy

Hazel xx

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13 Oct 2017 00:59 in response to haze44



   Hi all I have been on the operation table 7 times but my best mate ria (rev jack russell,is my best nurse  we walk three times a day over fields and woods take care all regards george

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13 Oct 2017 10:27 in response to Diane1946

Hi Diane,

Lovely to hear from you again. Pleased you had a good holiday and enjoyed yourself.

Also pleased to read your sister is much improved.

Havw been very busy of late, mainly with my woodclub activities. Tryine to get more members as we have an aginging membership and have lost quite a few to ill health over the past two years, I am at a local library tommorow morning to see if we can recruit more members.

Take care my forum friend sending kind thoughts your way, Brian.

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13 Oct 2017 11:14 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

Thanks for the photo of the chestnuts but where are the nuts???'

I had to take Mrs B to the hospital for a scan on Wednesday and there were all these chestnuts just laying on the ground going to waste. Well I couldnt have that could I. Must be a good year for them as they are the bigest British chestnuts I have ever found.  I came home with my pockets filled and tasty they are too and very cheap of course ha ha.

Had our woodclub meeting on Wednesday and had a new member join. Am at a local library on Saturday morning to promote our club. They have very kindly  made a poster up about our club and made a display of woodworking books for us and they tell me they allready have a lot  of interest in our club so may be a busy morning .

On Monday evening I am out with our local cancer charity and Thursday I have to see my diabetic nurse. So am still keeping busy.  I have taken a video of my watermill but as yet havent found out how to post it on here.

It is nice you still visit your mother as it cant be easy for you when she isnt talking. I had the same problem when my mother was near the end, All I could do was to sit and hold her hand. Even though she didnt appear to be concouse, I felt she knew I was there for when I talked to her she sqeezed my hand.

Well you two days work have come and gone and now you have the weekend to look forward to. The quality of your pictures amazes me and seems to get better and better. You have taken some stunning shot recently that I feel  professional wild life photographers would be proud of and I mean that honestly. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Well must start to get the items ready I want to display tommorrow morning. I told Mrs B as I dont know quite what time I shall get home, I shall get myself some chips on the way home. She replied I knew you would say that. She knows me as well as I know myself ha ha.

Take care and will chat again soon, Have a geat weekend, Brian.

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13 Oct 2017 16:41 in response to haze44

Hi Hazel, Yes very glad to see my sister doing much better, especially after the last 2 years of her been unfit and in and out of hospital quite a bit. I hope you are doing well? 

Jules, I’m so sorry to hear about your mum, it can’t be easy seeing her going down hill and at that point of “End of life care” my friends mother is at that point and her mum is 98, she’s got dementia which has reached a point where she doesn’t know anything or anyone or how to speak (She Mumbles) it’s sad and now her mums heart is giving up so they don’t expect her to be around much longer. Goodnes we just hope life’s easy for us when we get to there age don’t we! 

Brian, I see you are busy as usual (Which is always good) I hope you can recruit more people! 

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14 Oct 2017 16:10 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Now I thought it might have been you pinching those chestnuts ha ha!! Plenty of wildlife in the park to enjoy I feast or two or perhaps the foragers were there before me.  Glad you were able to fill your pockets en route back from Mrs B's appointment.  Hope all went well for her and also for you when you saw the Diabetic Nurse on Thursday.

Good to hear that your Wood Club has another new member and hopefully your Saturday morning chat and recruitment opportunity went well.  I am sure they were impressed by your dedication.  I remember my hubby telling me all about his woodworking projects during his school years  but it never became a hobby (this turned out to be amateur motor racing until the children came alone and it became too expensive for him to keep it up).

I do not think I could stop the visits to Mum even though much of the time she is unaware of my presence. This week I did at least get 'it's Tuesday then, is it' before she closed her eyes and 'switched off'. She won't let people hold her hand and pulls away but she knows her own mind and wemust respect her for that.  As you rightly say it is not easy.

Today I have made the most of the mild weather and been out walking and did not even need a cardigan. I will post a couple of photos below and hope you and Mrs B have a pleasant weekend. Jules



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20 Oct 2017 10:51 in response to jules54

Good morning Jules,

Have had a busy week. Had the dentist on Wednesday  and it cost over £50 for two small fillings. Think I was in the wrong job allthough I wouldnt want to spend all day looking at people teeth ha ha. The diabetic nurse last evening, and the good news is the diabetic nurse said she wished she had more patients like me. She was so pleased with the results of my blood tests I dont have to go back for a year. I told her it must be something to do with all the nuts I eat ha ha.

On my very old laptop which wont work anymore, I had two hard drives for it. I had managed to transfer most things across to my newer laptops but couldnt get everything across. So I found what is called a hard drive caddie on Ebay for £3.94. You just put the hard drive into the caddie and then with a cable supplied you can transfer anything you want. So impressed, I have ordered another caddie for the second hard drive. So I have now got all the info transfered and if I want can now format the old hard drives and use them for extra storage. One of the main things I was missing on my new laptops were some of the stories I had written some time ago. I did produce three books of about 40 A5 pages as a triology and I now want to make them all into one book.  Now that the colder days are here I have decided to re=start my book writting again. Have allready done six pages of a new story.

I spent last Saturday morning at a local library and had two people come to see me about joining our woodclub as a direct result of the poster the library printed out advertising our club. I now have six local magazines interested in editorial about our club which I hope they will feature early next year and have got our December show into about eight magazines in the whats on section.

My youngest grandson wants to know why they have named our latest storm after me. For once my son didnt have a reply which is totaly not like him.

How was your mother when you visited her? It must give you peace of mind she is so well cared for at her home. You hear so many cases of bad or non existant care at some of these homes so you must be commended for your choice. With storm Brian forcast, dont think you will get much walking done or work in the garden this weekend Jules. It sounds like an indoor weekend to me, not that I mind as I have plenty of chestnuts to eat ha.

Take care Jules, sending kind thoughts your way, Brian.

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22 Oct 2017 19:05 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Going to the dentist was always one of my 'dreads'  but no longer need to (other than if plate plays up!!).  Rate per hour must be really good as I bet it did not take long to have little fillings but needs must to avoid the dreaded toothache.  Very pleased for you that you can now go a year before having the next diabetic check up.  I am sure that weight loss you talked about will have helped the levels. 

How clever of you to sort your  hard drive storage out. All beyond me and I just transferred my stuff on to an SDcard and deleted a lot of rubbish before getting rid of the last computer.  We had to arrange for hubby's old computer to be 'wiped' as there was a lot of work sensitive information on it but his boss did not want it back!

Nice to hear that you are writing again and I bet I know one lad who will be very pleased to read anything you produce.  Did you ever get anything published as I know you had been talking of doing so albeit in an electronic format when interest had been shown?

I had a very mixed week.  Started with a beautiful new walk on the Monday, visit to Mum on Tuesday though she slept through it. I cannot take credit for where she lives as this was her decision, along with her social worker.  They took her to see a couple of homes as well as sheltered housing but as she could manage little for herself felt the sheltered housing would be wasted on her especially as she had no inclination to improve her wellbeing to use it.  Unbelievably she will have been there for six years come th end of November.  I am going to see her tomorrow morning as have my daughter and grandsons staying from pm tomorrow until late Tuesday afternoon when my son in law comes to pick them up.  He will drop them off en route back from a weekend at Hayling Island (spent with his Mum and step dad at a holiday park). This is because my daughter has her yearly heart check up and I can keep an eye on the boys here whilst she goes as it is local to me.

I have this week as leave as on Friday I am away with the family to visit son in law's Dad so the grandkids will catch up with all the grandparents during their half term which will be nice for all concerned.

I spent a couple of days with friends Fri/Sat and Storm Brian luckily gave us a wide berth. A few raindrops Saturday morning plus a very short shower in the afternoon but we dodged them whilst out and about and my friend's husband even played 18 holes of golf on Friday.  Not quite as much walking as I am used to as they are somewhat older than myself and less mobile these days but we had a lovely catch up.  Will see my friend again early next month when she and I meet up with another mutual friend for a curry night out.

It is good that you have new interest in the Wood Club and great that the library were able to provide you with space and opportunity to bring it to peoples' attention.  Hopefully next year will see 'new life' turning up as it would be a shame not to be able to pass on such good skills/interest.  Have you been able to do any more turning yourself as the weather is still pretty mild for the time of year.  My lawn is still growing and weather permitting will try and give it a mow on Wednesday which will be my only full free day this week.

Well, time to settle down to a bit of TV so will wish you and MrsB a pleasant and peaceful week.

Keep enjoying those chestnuts.  I am still making the most of English strawberries!!  Jules