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Re: My Journey Continues

19 Sep 2017 00:49 in response to jules54

  Hi young lady a nice picture of my best bird I feed one every day up the drive he waits for me and says you are late with my dinner dad ,but thanks .lol  robin .

Re: My Journey Continues

22 Sep 2017 08:55 in response to urostar

Hi Jules,

Finnally some of my bits and pieces have arrived so have re-started on my water mill Havent got much more to do before I can wire the motor and the led light up so looking forward to this.

I dont know why but even before I made the new bird table we wernt getting as many featherd vistors as usual. The pidgens love the new table but MrsB wanted it for the smaller birds. Hope they get used to it soon. We have a big gasometer near us and they are at present taking it down as it hasnt been used for years.

Hope you are enjoying your visit from you sister in law. Take care sending kind thoughts your way, Brian. 

Re: My Journey Continues

24 Sep 2017 16:30 in response to urostar

Hi George,

Like you I love feeding the robins and other small feathered friends. Have just about got my garden ready for autumn/winter but will keep mowing the lawn as long as the weather allows.

Hope you and Anne have had a peaceful and pleasant weekend.  Regards and hugs plus a pat for rascal Ria. Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

24 Sep 2017 16:45 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

Bet you have been beavering away on your 'mills' and can imagine the excitement mounting with the prospect of having them 'working'.  Do please post a picture of the finished product. 

It usually takes the birds a while to get used to a new feeding area but with the warmer weather and more 'bug' and natural food being available probably means they are not quite so desparate to feed in the garden. After two weeks of waiting I was finally rewarded with the goldfinches, sparrows and the robin now popping into the new 'guarded' hanging feeder but it is usually around 6.30 in the morning at the moment.  I have been having problems with a large black and white cat who is hiding in the shrubs and pouncing and of course that has made the birds a little more wary. I do not get much activity on the actual bird table (more for show) as do not want the pidgeons either so do not often put food on it.  I do have a couple of feeders plus a hanging basket hooked onto it though which does bring the birds closer to the house (just a couple of feet outside the patio doors so makes photography through the glass a possibility.

Spent quality time with my sister in law and am in the process of planning a week on the Isle of Man next year which will be my summer break.  Will stay in the capital as they are still having continuing works on their place and do not fancy interrupting their endeavours ha ha.  We can meet up a few times whilst I am there.  Also had a lovely couple of days  up with my daughter and family so been quite a social week.  With work gearing up towards the seasonal end of the year there are busy times ahead and I am trying hard to motivate myself but would love to be in a position to fully retire..............relying on a lottery win is obviously wishful thinking.

Hope you and Mrs B are enjoying the spell of warm weather and bet those chestnuts are going down a treat.  Take care and regards to all.  Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

1 Oct 2017 16:19 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

Glad you had a good week with family.

Mrs B and I had our yearly flue jabs yesterday and on the way back, I popped into our Saturday market stall to stock up on my chestnuts. Have had a busy week with a committee meeting on Thursday evening. While I was talking about my club newsletters I mentioned I am going to have to update me office program as support for my old one (2007) is being stopped later this month. The club has been given some money from members who have passed away and the committee have told me they will very kindly pay for the new version as they all enjoy my newsletters so much.

I have come to a bit of a stop with my mills until I get some thiner wire which should be here on Monday. The solder terminals on the motor and switches are so small I need very thin wire to link them together. I will try and post a video of the mill working if I can figure it out how to do it. So I have had a bit of a lazy week although I have done quite a lot on my computor, researching the new office program. Also I have started work on next months wood club newsletter. In doing research for it, I came across the interesting fact that its estimated there are 422 trees for every living person on earth. I find this quite amazing. I alway do a wood quiz question each month and doubt many will get this one. I have also been to a fairly new local hardwood supplier which not a lot of our member know about so am doing a feature on it in the next months letter which I hope will help our members source some quality home grown hardwood.

I have also found two other people who are prepared to give a talk to our club in the near future plus have suggested we have another tool auction where member can bring in unwanted tools to sell in an auction at our club. Its good fun and raises some money for members and a small contribution goes to club funds.

Had a long talk to my youngest sister in Canada last weekend. It was good to catch up with family news. My oldest brother has just retired from the oil industry allthough he may go in as a consultant from time to time. Cant believe its now nearly two years since my father passed away. I do miss talking to him as we were so alike in so many ways. I just wish I had listened to my wife many years earlier when she wanted me to try and find him. That was when we first got married. I was stubborn,.saying he hadnt tried to find me when in fact i found out in later years my oldest brother had come to England for the company he worked for and had tried to find me without success. But Mrs B did perseveer and in the end we did find him and am so glad we did aswe got on so well.

Sorry about rambling on today

I am glad you managed to get your Sunday walk done in the dry. It doesnt seem that many weeks ago your were gearing up at work for the Christmas rush and here it is starting again. We were remonising the other day and Mrs B was talking about when she was young and how she loved reading Enid Blytons Famous Five Books. Didnt know what to get her for her birthday next month so have bough her a set of them as she likes reading.. 

Well I have rambled enoughnfor now. Take care and am sending kind thoughts to you and your family, Brian.






Re: My Journey Continues

2 Oct 2017 00:40 in response to woodworm

Hi Pal I saw a programe today that said the ruskys are cutings loads of trees down and not planting new one,s they export more wood than any other country .regards george

Re: My Journey Continues

2 Oct 2017 15:07 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

So chestnut season is back in your life and bet you could not be happier and are busy squirrelling them away.

How lovely that the club has financed your new Office program for the computer and am sure you will find it very useful once you learn your way around it.  I am dreading having to replace my laptop when it finally throws in the towel ha ha as know it will mean getting used to updated software (I am still running Windows 2007 which suits me just fine! and have heard many nightmare stories about 2010!!).  Good news for your club members who will continue to enjoy your newsletters and the amazing and interesting facts that you have researched and passed on. 

I only had the flu jab when caring for hubby on the insistance of his GP.  Thankfully my last bout was 35 years ago!! (awful as my daughter was only 3 months old though thankfully she never caught it). I should not be surprised to get called into the surgery at some point as have not had to attend for over a year and they will probably want to test my colesterol if nothing else.  Keeping my distance whilst I can as my weight has crept up again and I am trying to find the willpower to get back on track ha ha.  I have an assessment at the gym at the end of the week so hopefully a new exercise programme to look forward to which always refocuses me.  As I have thigh muscle strain at present we will also work round that.

I have managed to begin my Christmas shopping today as was in town collecting an order on behalf of my daughter and found a few bargains to be had already.  With just a small number to buy for it is easier getting it done before the shops get too busy.

Glad you were able to catch up with your Canadian relatives.  With the time difference it is not always that easy so bet you had a lovely chat.  Our loved ones are missed all year but anniversaries and the approaching festive season highlights the 'missing links'.

My Mum had a 'funny turn' on Friday so the staff called doc out but all her obs were okay so the 'keeping an eye on her' continues as usual plus they are involving the community nurses now too.  Will be popping in to see her tomorrow unless I hear otherwise.  Just feel very sorry for her situation really but she no longer voices an opinion or talks in general anymore.

Right I had best get back out into the garden as have mowed the lawn and now need to trim up the edges.  You never know when it may be the last opportunity but it is still growing quite well with the rain and sunshine mix we have had the last couple of weeks.

Regards to you and Mrs B and hope your son and family are well also.  Jules  

Re: My Journey Continues

2 Oct 2017 15:40 in response to urostar

Hi George,

Hope you are well. Yes, I saw the later part of that program. When I used to work in the timber industry, I found Russian softwood was generally very good timber as due to the cold climate , its slown grown with narrow growth rings and usually very stable. Hopefully, the area should regrow given time

Kind regards, Brian.

Re: My Journey Continues

3 Oct 2017 15:42 in response to jules54

Jules, sorry to hear about your mum, hope it was just a 'blip' - it is SO worrying isn't it?  Glad the home is being vigilant though, but I bet you are always on edge when the phone rings, I know I was with Roy. 

How did you strain that thigh muscle - all that extra weight I suppose, haha. Wink

I have nearly reached my final 'platinum' marker for 4 weeks with the rapid walking app, last one tomorrow, but I'll carry on doing it for 10 or 20 minutes daily (instead of 30) after that, more manageable.  It will be quite nice to be able to 'just stand and stare' in the park, too!  

Take care, Hazel xx

Re: My Journey Continues

3 Oct 2017 18:08 in response to haze44

G'day all.  Apologies for being out of the loop for so long, but hey, I am back now.  3.40 am here.  Hope Brian is enjoying some cheesy snacks,  spring is eventually getting herd in Oz.  Wo hoo xx

Re: My Journey Continues

3 Oct 2017 19:26 in response to haze44

Thanks Hazel

You are so right, when the home phone goes I jump! Visited Mum today even though she is now asleep more than she is awake and no longer talks to anyone.  Doctor in again for routine visiting today.There is little  they can do now other than keep her pain free and comfortable.  She will have been there six years in November and I have a good rapport with the staff who are so supportive.

As to the muscle problems am putting it down to age and over-working it ha ha.  Of course those extra pounds could do with coming off too so am booked in for assessment time at the gym this Friday and hope this will help re-focus me!!    Well done for all your efforts and am sure you will enjoy admiring your surroundings when its time to take a break. 

Lovely weather for walking here the last few days but have managed to catch up in the garden instead.  I also went to the cinema today which was a really lovely change and a delightful film 'Hampstead' was on for Silver Screeners (over 55's get in for £3 which includes cuppa/biscuit).  It was filmed around the area that I grew up in (Hampstead Heath became my back garden as we never had access to one!!).

Hope you are keeping well. Jules xx

Re: My Journey Continues

3 Oct 2017 19:28 in response to KathyS

Hi Kathy,

Nice to see your  post and hope all is well with you and yours.  Jules xx 

Re: My Journey Continues

5 Oct 2017 00:52 in response to jules54

Hi young lady sorry for not posting for some time but at 84 years old I have had some problems not cancer but crohns  which I have had for 40 years  but family are with me and help ,speek soon regards george

Re: My Journey Continues

5 Oct 2017 06:56 in response to urostar

Hi George

Sorry that the Crohns is playing up. It is not an easy illness to control over the years. I have in law's who deal with this so know that family support ìs invaluable. Sending virtual hugs to you  and Anne and hope little rascal Ria is happily by your side.. jules

Re: My Journey Continues

5 Oct 2017 09:12 in response to KathyS

Hi Kathy,

Yes, Mrs B did make me some chees straws back in September for my Birthday and nice they were too. Have you made your trip to Rngland yet? 

Bet your grandchildren are growing up fast, I know mine are.

Take care, sending best wishes to you , Brian.