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Re: My Journey Continues

3 Aug 2017 16:43 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

This week seems to be flying past so am a bit behind with catching up with my e mails; apologies and I really am not ignoring you all.

Sad that the weather and placement of your 'pitch' meant less footfall than usual but I know you would have made the best of it and I bet the young lad and his sister were thrilled with their freebie.  At least now you have an easier loading/unloading time with the benefit of your new tables.  The photos just show how hard you work to keep your products moving and I loved the flowers shown in the church. Now to forward plan for two years time!!

Congratulations on the weight loss and nice to know that  you are feeling the benefit and that it gives Mes B less to worry about too.  I need to get back on track as far as food goes.  Have been a bit of a lazy eater since I got back off my hols and it has led to a few pounds going on (always in the wrong place too). Having a pep talk at the gym next week but with a very social weekend ahead of me I doubt that the scales will bring good news!!

You are right in saying that it is a help knowing Mum has good care team in place.  She is rarely awake whenever I go but they always let her know I have  been.  I sit and hold her hand whilst reading with the other. If she wakes at least I can give her family news but apart from eating and sleeping she has no desire for anyone to do anything else.  Respecting her wishes and dignity is paramount now, bless her.

Well am out with a friend tomorrow afternoon/evening in Lonndon and away at the weekend again to celebrate another friendd's 70th so it is all go at the moment.

Hope  you and Mrs B have a peaceful weekend and that the family are keeping well.  Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

7 Aug 2017 15:19 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Great news that your car has now  been repaired and at cheaper than quoted which is always a bonus. Not such good news that you got drenched in the process by a very inconsiderate motorist and not at all surprised that you could not put into print your comment.  I am sure it would have mirrored my thoughts when I read about it........enough said!!

I am beginning to wonder where the weeks are going just recently but on the plus side it is keeping me occupied during the not so good 'summer weather'. Had a lovely afternoon on Friday with a friend and then had pre theatre dinner before taking out seats. Great show and as it has been some years since I went to the theatre in London thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Saturday/Sunday back with friends in Buckinghamshire as we were attending a 70th birthday dinner. A lovely evening, beautiful meal and they had a really good chap singing afterwards so a bit of dancing too. Hope by 1 a.m. and after my usual few hours sleep breakfast whilst enjoying the sunshine and observing soaring red kites. No pictures as I did not take my camera on this occasion and the phone camera not good enough to capture such shots.  I got home mid-afternoon Sunday and went straight out into the back garden to mow the lawn as once again this week looks like being a bit soggy though so far no rain today. Now I am counting down to my daughter and grandchildrens' visit next week by which time we are hopeful that youngest lad will be non-contagious (he has chicken pox) so that we can get out and about as planned.

Your forthcoming project 'windmill' sounds wonderful and I really look forward to seeing the results of your labours.  As I am going to the Netherlands next year may well see a few of these!

Hope you and Mrs B had a pleasant weekend and send best wishes to all.  Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

13 Aug 2017 17:39 in response to jules54

Just thought I would share the views during my Sunday stroll this morning.  Such a beautiful day just needed to be out and about...................still find this is my best 'therapy'.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend. Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

14 Aug 2017 20:43 in response to jules54

These are lovely, Jules especially the swans and cygnets and the wildflowers.  Thanks!

Hazel xx

Re: My Journey Continues

16 Aug 2017 18:27 in response to haze44

Hi Jules,

I was out in my workshop working  on my windmills, when a neighbour camd by with a friend and asked whay I was making now. The other chap was very impressed with my windmills and he has bought the very first one. So I am pleased about that. Only have a week and a half to go before my next three day show so am busy getting more things ready. Have 5 windmill ready and sweep done for another three and have managed to spped things up as I now have a better system for making them..

My son has been on holiday and is enjoying it. Am still eating the Sussex Cob nuts I bought a few days ago. Still have new lines still to turn; there just doesnt seem to be enought hours in the day lately. I have tried to get a photo to post on here of the amount of sparrows Mrs B is getting in the garden eating her suet pelletts. There have been times when there have been anywhere between 30 to 50 but as soon as I get my camera they all fly away. The sight of me is enought to frighten anyone according to Mrs B.  I shall have to get you to give me lessons  in how to get close ha ha.

Hope you are enjoying your week with your grandchildren  At least the weather has been good so far. I bet your grandchildren are enjoying it too. Sending kind thoughts to you and your family, Brian.


Re: My Journey Continues

20 Aug 2017 14:43 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

That's great news regarding your windmills and I am so glad they are fully appreciated as you put such a lot of thought and love into your work. Fingers crossed the weather/attendance will be good over the Bank Holiday weekend when you have your next event.  I am going to be visiting my daughter on the Friday and my son on the Saturday but have not yet decided how to spend the Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.

Sparrows have increased in my garden this summer too but having run out of suet pellets they are not too pleased with me ha ha.  Will have to see if I can get a new supply when out on my coach trip tomorrow but, if not, am going with a friend to the garden centre on Tuesday (meet up lunch) so maybe will buy 'bulk' as have a lift  home!!

Glad your son and family are enjoying their holiday and fingers crossed that his foot problems are not hindering his getting about too much.  Also, how is Mrs B's leg now, improving daily I hope.

I am catching up with chores following my family's visit but also trying to find the time to do a bit of gardening and also have some bulbs to put in at some point.  Have bought a new plant holder in shape of a hedgehog so looking for a plant to go in it which will give some autumn/winter colour. When I was out walking yesterday some of the trees are already turning autumnal but I hope the temperatures can hang on for a while longer as our Summer seems to have been rather short! I Have the patio doors open and as my neighbours are cutting their lawn the lovely smell of newly cut grass is wafting my way.........also an added reminder that I should be doing my mowing though to be honest it does not look too bad  just now.  Think the ironing is more 'pressing' ha ha. Have a peaceful Sunday and all the best for next weekend. Regards to you and the family. Jules



Re: My Journey Continues

20 Aug 2017 16:09 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

Mrs B's leg is almost back to normal thank you Jules. As she is not very tall, I have at last done something for her I have been promising to do for months. I have cut two inches of of her armchair legs.  She no longer has to act like a pole vaulter to get in it now ha ha. I have also bought her a small stool to put her feet up on so she is well pleased now. I stupidly sanded part of my finger nail off when working on my windmills and it has been very sore but is now getting much better. I have now decided on making a watermill. Have worked out how to make the paddles using lolly sticks and will turn the wheel. Have also ordered up some mini 3 volt battery operated electric motors with a slow revolution of 16 rpm. The idea is to fit these to both the windmills and the new watermill when completed so the sweeps/ wheesl will turn round on a slow basis, at least thats the plan. Will have to make little outhouses to house the battery packs which come complete with switch Ive also ordered. Looking forward to trying these out. The chap who bought the foirst windmill has come back and may well have another one sold. Also gave one to my friend who runs the local cancer charity as he has just married for the third time and they were both very pleased.

Glad you had a good time last week. Ar'net the school holidays going by quickly? With all the rain we have had, our grass is growing so quickly. I too like the smell of freshly cut grass.  Hope you have a good time this weekend. Take care, sending kind thoughts to you and your family, Brian.


Re: My Journey Continues

24 Aug 2017 17:37 in response to woodworm

Hir Brian,

Have recovered from imagining Mrs B pole vaulting to get into her chair.  Seriously though really pleased that you have been able to make life easier for her in this respect and the addition of the foot stool sounds just the job to help support those legs.

As to sanding your fingers instead of your woodwork,that must have been a serious 'ouch' moment with a bit of cursing going on under  your breath.  Hope it is healing okay.  I was also in the wars earlier this week when I managed to clout my leg on the trolley I was pushing round the garden centre.  Big lump plus bruise but thankfully now going down!  Lesson learned hopefully as back there to meet up with my son on Saturday (I will catch the bus to the garden centre and he will pick me up from there but it is really a good excuse for us to wonder round our favourite place!!).

Love the fact that your windmills are finding good homes and am sure they will bring a lot of pleasure. Of course when the motors arrive you will be 'upgrading'. I can see you having so much stock you will be able to run a stall from outside your hourse soon or become a local market trader! We had a couple of woodcraft stalls at last weekends Artisan Market and it is lovely talking to them about their craft.  I did manage to avoid buying up the stall and even bypassed the bread and cheese stalls to try and keepmy healthy eating on track ha ha.

Hope you and Mrs B have a good Bank Holiday weekend and no doubt will be looking forward to catching up with the family before the school hols come to an end.  Hope they had a great holiday and that your son's foot did not cause too many problems.  Take care.  Jules


Re: My Journey Continues

3 Sep 2017 09:57 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

Just begining to catch up after last weekend. I decided to give my woodwork a break this week.Took Mrs B out for a ride yesterday and stopped for an ice cream which she enjoyed so much she wanted another one. Never known her to eat two before. I wasbusy yesterday morning as I had to send out our newsletterand had only just recieved the chairmans letter. First time I have been a day late in sending it out.

Mt son is back to work now after enjoying his holiday. My little grandson plus mum and dad came to see us at our fair last weekend. The first I knew was this voice saying "Hello old man". One of the other guys told him, he needs to have strong word with me and when he asked why he replied "Because your grandad is very naughty" to which my grandson replied, "I know he is,,,,,,,,But not as naughty as my dad". Laugh He is just so cheeky.,,,,, not like me at all as you know !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have ordered another small motor this time from Ireland and only a penny dearer from those in China. Plus some rubber drive belts and metal spindleds and plastic pulleys so keeping the mail man busy. Went to a model shop last Wednesday and what a shop. It is like Doctor Who's Tardis; small on the outside but massive inside. I told the chap who served me, I wouldnt want to do a stock check there!!!!

Thanks for all the wonderful photos you post on the forum and you are getting better and better. Hope you have had a good weekend. Sending kind thoughts to you and your family, Brian.


Re: My Journey Continues

5 Sep 2017 11:48 in response to woodworm

Hi Jules,

Hope when you visit her today, your mother is still eating okay. You are so lucky she is so well cared for at the home. When we were looking around for a care home for Mrs B's parents years ago, some of the homes I wouldnt want to put my worst enemy in some of them. I nearly walked out of one of them because the person showing us round had so little respect for the patients. I nearly let loose at her which is not like me.

Its trying to rain here this morning. We have a big gasometer fairly near us and at last they are starting to take it down as it hasnt been usedformany years. They are planning to build the new Lidle store there as it has to move of of town so they can re-do the new shopping centre. A week this Wednesday I have along with six others to give a talk to our club members for about tem miniutes about the finish I use on my turnings.Differnt products need different finishes so we should all learn something from this. Looking forward to this. Wont be long now before I can start buying my chestnuts again. When we were out the other day we passed several chestnut trees and they were loaded with nuts but not quite ready yet. Looks like it could be a good year for them :D:D

I am glad to hear you have been out and about just lately. After the loss of my step father, my mother didnt feel like going out much for some while and  found the evenings were the worst time so I used to phone her quite often and visited as often as I could.

I hope you have a good week work wise. Take care;sending kind thoughts to you and your family, Brian.


Re: My Journey Continues

5 Sep 2017 14:32 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Hope you will soon be feeling your usual cheery self and that whatever is making you feel out of sorts will soon clear up.

My Mum was briefly 'with it' during my visit today. Though it is not easy making small talk with no response back,it is certainly right that I should continue to keep her up to date with family news. So far so good as far as the residential home is concerned and that is down to the caring nature of the staff who, even when they are stretched (seems the norm in this type of work) still make time for individual residents and their visitors. No sooner than I had arrived I was brought a cup of coffee and we had a quick chat as regards Mum's needs ongoing.  These are relativley simple but nonetheless her dignity is their prime concern.  It is good to have a close relationship with her carers.

I am sure you will enjoy giving an informative talk to your Club and sharing information/ideas is a wonderful way to help both old and new members alike.

My social ins and outs seem to have come along at times when I can fit them in with family get togethers too which is a bonus.  Of course there are days when I prefer my own company (even had those when hubby was around ha ha) but I have never been one to stay indoors if Ican be out enjoying the fresh air.  Being on your own a fair bit means to enjoy other company I need to make the effort to 'meet and greet' so to speak.  One of the best things I did six months after hubby died was to join local events and also the ladies only gym which has its own social hub.  I now have new friends as well as keeping in touch with my old ones.  As many tell you as times passes you adapt and that seems to be true just at the moment.  I felt nostalgic at the passing of what would have been our 40th Anniversary but so many good memories to think on and no one can take those away. Once again the forum and those who respond are worth their weight in gold (all who read my thread know how much this means and I am thankful to youall).  Airing true feelings even in writing is not always an easy road but as  you and lots of the quotes say, we are somehow 'different but stronger' due to life experiences.

Back into work tomorrow and soon will begin a very busy period having just come through back to school. There are times when I would prefer to be fully retired and then others when I appreciate having a bit of structure to my weeks..........perhaps a no win situation but already looking forward to my next time off to spend time with my family in October.  Onwards and upwards my forum friend.

Look after yourself and the lovely Mrs B.  Wish best wishes to you and yours.  Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

7 Sep 2017 00:49 in response to jules54

   You are one fantastic lady take care and god bless XXX

Re: My Journey Continues

7 Sep 2017 14:53 in response to urostar

Oh George, thank you, that is sweet of you to post on my thread. I hope you are enjoying time with Anne and Ria and of course the family.  Sending hugs and hope you are taking care too. Jules x

Re: My Journey Continues

10 Sep 2017 09:52 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

I have had a PM from Ian Woody and he has asked me to send you and Vatch his regards as he apparently has problems getting on the the forum recently. I have advise him to contact the moderaters to see if they can help.

After finishing Mrs B's bird table, she suggested I have a couple of lazy days so havent done much the last couple of days except to sort out my download folder on my laptop which took most of the day and still needs a little more tidying up to complete. Once complete I will probably download a lot more as I want to keep posting new pictures for you all. I very much appreciate everyones kind comments and also your additional input  for you do take some very nice photos.

Am going back out into my workshop tody as I need to have another tidy up. It doesnt take long to make a mess ha ha. I have ordered a lot more bits and pieces to come including 300 clear and coloured led light bulbs which cost under £3 and all in a plastic box with eight compartments alond with free delivery. Dont know how they do it.

Cant do much more on my new lines until my rubber drive belts arrive which should be in the next few day. One they are here I can get my watermill finnished and my windmill moterized. Will see if I can video them and post on here if I can find out how to do it.

Hope you enjoy your walk this morning. Dont know if its the farmers market today.

Sending kind thoughts to you and your family, Brian..


Re: My Journey Continues

10 Sep 2017 12:11 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

How nice of Ian to forward his regards through yourself. Please send mine back when you're next in contact.  Hopefully the moderators will be able to get him back on the forum as must be very frustrating for him.

I am not surprised that MrsB wanted you to 'slow down' as you have been having a hectic time recently and it does catch up with you eventually.  You must have been sitting with your computer for some time with so many pictures to sort but I am glad you enjoy posting them as much as we enjoy looking at them.I often scroll back through the thread for 'another viewing' and the same goes for the amazing quotes.  It is also nice for me to be able to offer a few of my own if I think they are worth a look!

Good luck with your garage/workshop tidy up.  There is always a small downside to enjoying hobbies but no doubt you will be all cleared up sooner rather than later and will then be ready to mess it up again ha ha.

No Farmers' Market this weekend but have been out to the gym early as have my daughter and family coming to visit.  Were due here mid morning but unfortanately are now stuck at a Kwik Fit as son in law's car had a puncture.  Just as well I had not started cooking as not sure how long they may be and lunch might now be either late or turned into an evening meal.  Such a nuisance for them all.

Spent most of yesterday in the garden as it was nice until late afternoon when we had a shower. Mowed and trimmed the lawn and cut back my shrubs and have done a bit of pruning too.  Had the last of my bulbs to find space for so rearranged the area behind my mini rockery and the birds very happy with the number of worms/bugs that I unearthed.

Seem to still have some social coffee mornings coming up next week so will enjoy the company (and the cake!!) and have just had an invite to a Fund-raising coffee morning at my daughter in laws for end of the month.  Sadly two of her best friends both have parents who are currently on the cancer journey and hopefully she will get a good turn out.  She and her Mum make wonderful cakes so will be very tempted to be very naughty...............all in a good cause after all!

Hope all your bits and peices arrive and then you can have fun finishing your 'Mills'. Will definitely look forward to seeing the finished items.  Hope the new bird table has pride of place and that the birds are as pleased as MrsB.   Mine seems to be more of a perch for the nearby feeders and a shelter to feed under when it's raining.  The robin seems to enjoy the bird bath even when its raining. Pictures attached but not great quality as taken through wet window!!

Have a pleasant Sunday and a peaceful week ahead and best wishes to all the family.  Jules