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Re: My Journey Continues

9 Jun 2017 21:06 in response to woodworm

Thanks Brian, wishing you and Mrs B a pleasant weekend. Take care. Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

19 Jun 2017 16:01 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

Welcome back; you have very much been missed.

I hope you have had a great holiday and have truely enjoyed yourself and the weather has been kind to you. Your hubby would be so proud of you.

I spent last Saturday morning at a drop in a local library. Our wood club was invited to do this and I spent time talking to people about our club and have five possible new members and one who has already come along to our meeting last Wednesday. I was also asked to give a talk about our wood club which I agreed to do. When I found out it is for 1 1/2 to 2 hours I wonderd what I had let myself in for ha ha. But it is for an enviormental group so I will also talk about drone planting of trees and how we are developing what is called Super Trees. Reckon I can do the full two hours if required and hope I have not bored them to death by then.

It is now much too hot to get out in my garage; Its like an oven in there. I have decided to remake the tables I take to certain craft fairs. I spent one day out in my workshop last week and thought I had sprung a leak, I have founf more than enough timber (Ex hardwood cills)  to make two six foot tables and have only had to buy a few fixings. I looked at buying the tables and the cheapest was £32 each. I rekon these two will only cost me less than £10 in total plus my time.

I still have more new lines I want to try out when it cools down. Mrs B is suffering with this warm weather as it does affect her.

I hope your daughter is settling in at her new property. Also how is your mother getting on? How does your Mum like this hot waether? 

Take care and I wish you a pleasant week, Brian.

Re: My Journey Continues

19 Jun 2017 18:48 in response to woodworm
Hi Brian Holiday went quite well thank you. Was blessed with dry, warm weather so was able to get out and about in comfort. Plenty of beach/coastal path walks and places to spend the days. Evenings were more of a challenge but managed okay. Hubby would have been surprised at my 'coping mechanisms' (he hated being too early at the airport whereas I found comfort in that!!). Feel I have taken another baby step forward that was quite a hard one to conquer (also managed to eat out in restaurants in the evening so gave myself a pat on the back for that). Not at all surprised it is too hot for your garage. I have been dripping just sitting indoors! No wish to complain of course but will have to leave my gardening till the sun off it. Cannot believe how much it has grown in a week!! I do not water it so must be using up underground supplies ha ha. Sounds as though your wood club have a super ambassador for giving talks and keeping the interest going. Well done, new blood in the way of interested members can only be a good thing for the craftsmanship to be carried forward. Hope the next talk goes well and have no doubt at all that you will be able to keep them entertained for at least 2 hours. Going to visit Mum tomorrow and doubt she is enjoying the heat especially as she is confined to bed. Have had social worker visit for her yearly assessment and they are endeavouring to get OT representative into the residential home asap (already been 3 months of waiting!!) in the hope she can be 'mobilised by hoist' as the staff need permission to 'transfer her' in this way. Having said that she is not interested one way or the other and rarely speaks at all now. Still I will take my photos down with me and no doubt bore her even more. Spent the day with my son and family yesterday and little Darcey continues to delight us all. On Friday I am going to visit my daughter and family as they settle into their new home. Thankfully my eldest grandson has settled well into the new school and the younger one has started at a pre school for a couple of afternoons a week which is helping integrate them all into the area. They have a lovely park walk for their school run instead of using the roads which is an added bonus. Still early days but definitely the right move for them and a lovely way to celebrate 10 years of marriage next month. Very proud of what my family has achieved and know hubby would be too. Hope you and Mrs B have a pleasant week also. I will have the electric fan going full belt tonight (having to sleep downstairs as the loft room registering 39degs!!!). Best wishes to you both. Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

25 Jun 2017 15:55 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

So pleased you had a good time and congratulations in managing as well as you did, Glad you also enjoyed spending time with your family. I am please everything is going well for them.

I spent all of yesterday clearing up in my garage, started early and finnished late and boy did I know it when I did come back indoors. Still it needed it and I didnt need rocking to sllep last night ha ha.  Today I have mortised and tennoned the first table and glued it together. All went rather well so am pleased with myself. Have only got to sand it up then router to allow for the top and then fit the legs. I also put some spare wooden handles I had on my new wood chasing tools and re organised the cartons where I keep my part turned pieces. We buy walls ice cream in plastic cartons and I use the empty catrons to keep my bits and bobs in. I also stuck some sticky labels on them as when I did the last lot of key rings, yesterday I found I had a carton with some wood allready part turned.which I could have used.  I have got to make another trip to the tip as both my bins are full of sawdust and shavings yet again. Once the tables are finnished, I have lots more turning to do and several more new lines to try. At our last show one of our members asked how I keep finding new lines, as he struggles with this. He used to make beautiful dolls houses but cant do them anymore, as his back is so bad so like me when I used to do mainly clocks and barometers, he has to find new lines. We also try not to duplicate other members work as we dont want to all be doing the same things allthough there is allways a certain amount of  crossover.

Sister in law has had her other knee replaced a week ago and this one is causing her more pain than the last one. Hope it soon improves. My sons ankle is still playing him up and he is seeing his specialist next week or so. I spoke to my youngest siter in Canda and had a long chat to her. Mrs B has lot of nice carnations in bloom which she grew from off cuts from shop bought ones. I have still to make her a bird table which I promised her some months ago. I shall be getting my ear bent if I dont do it soon ha ha.

Take care. Sending kind thoughts to you and all your family, Brian.


Re: My Journey Continues

27 Jun 2017 10:59 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

Well the promised deluge has arrived but thankfully made it to visit mum in the dry. Ten minutes of me talking and she nods off but good that she is still eating well. 

Nice that you have been cracking on with the tables and no doubt the cooler weather helps. I have mowed the lawn and weeded the front garden so back kn some sort of routine. Had my son and Darcey for company yesterday and was lovely to see them. She is standing on her own now and taken a few steps so will soon be running after her! Happy

Sorry that your son still having problems with his ankle and hope the specislist can offer help. So frustrating for him. Hope you, Mrs B and rest of family coping ok and that your sister in law's pain lessens soon. Take care. Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

28 Jun 2017 16:24 in response to jules54

Good afternoon Jules,

All four section of my tables are now glued together and sanded; all that has to be done now is to fit the hinges, top, legs Handles and catches and apply the laquer. So the worst is now done. One problem is the foam filter on my hoover came off and now the motor housing is full of sawdust and shaving and not working. I have had to buy a set of torx screwdrivers so I can take it apart to clean it out. Grrr.  

At least I shant have to water the garden after yesterdays rain. Went out to mow the garden yesterday but it started to rain. So came back indoors. Have cut back on crisps and even reduced the amount of nuts I eat and My weight is about 5lbs less as a result. Have to say I do feel better for it.

Sorry to hear your mother doesnt talk much anymore but at least she is still eating. Your grandaughter is growing up fast. I am glad you liked the story on the other thread.  I just wish stories like this recieved more attention in the press.

Sending kind thoughts to you and your family, Brian.


Re: My Journey Continues

29 Jun 2017 19:49 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

You really have been pulling out all the stops to get your tables completed. Well done. I can imagine you were not too amused when the filter came off the hoover and made even more work for you. Hope you were able to solve the problem and all is well again.

Well done too on the weight loss. It only takes a few pounds less to make a difference.  I know the scales will not be so kind to me tomorrow when I go for my gym assessment and I do need to find my willpower again.  It's very annoying as whilst I was on holiday everything was fine  but since I got back the naughty snacking habit crept back. Still tomorrow is another day to try and 'be good'......boring but necessary!! Weather permitting I will go walking at the weekend which should help a bit as long as I do not find a reason to pop into the cafe at the nearby garden centre.

Very busy day at work today so am glad that's it for this week. Manager and a couple of other staff are on holiday next week so expecting it to be equally busy.  Still does make the work days pass quickly.

Have a lovely weekend with Mrs B and take care of yourselves.  Regards to all. Jules


Re: My Journey Continues

2 Jul 2017 20:00 in response to jules54

Hi all

Having spent a couple of hours relaxing in my back garden thought I would share some pictures I took 'in my own backyard' during this beautiful day. Hope everyone has had a peaceful day.  Juleses

Re: My Journey Continues

2 Jul 2017 21:06 in response to jules54

Don't know about relaxing, you must have been up and down like a yoyo to get all these lovely photos, Jules, and literally down for the shot of the clover!  

(I have just had a giggle, my predictive text put 'Toyota' instead of 'yoyo ')  Happy

Thanks for sharing all these.

Take care, Hazel xx


Re: My Journey Continues

3 Jul 2017 07:47 in response to haze44

 Hi Hazel,

Don't you just love predictive text;  it has got me in a spot of bother in the past!!

Thanks for your kind comment on my photos and I suppose I did get a bit of exercise whilst taking the photos.Mind you I was sitting down when I took the clover shot as my camera has built in zoom lens.  Cannot afford to wander across the lawn in bare feet at the moment as the bees are loving these flowers.Also means I have refrained from mowing as do not want to spoil their feast!!  I am sure you have been enjoying your garden too and no doubt that new parasol has been keeping you shaded.

Taking my camera out with me today just in case!  I am going up to London with a friend. First port of call is the Bank of England Museum (quite apt as we both used to work in a bank!!) and then see what else takes our fancy (and depending on the weather).  We will meet up withher husband on our return and go out for a meal so looking forward to socialising too.

Take care my virtual friend enjoy the week ahead. Off to the gym shortly so I get my exercises in before I catch the tube. Jules xx

Re: My Journey Continues

3 Jul 2017 13:03 in response to jules54

Hope you have a lovely day out, weather permitting - has turned very cloudy and ominous looking here, just as I want to visit the shops!  

Enjoy your meal too, don't eat too much!

Hazel xx

Re: My Journey Continues

3 Jul 2017 16:16 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

I have just come in after finishing both tables. See below. Very pleased with them and know they will be a lot better than what I have been using, I had to change a couple of things but it has been for the better in the end. I can now concentrate on my turnings for I have a two day show at the end of this month, The new lines will be one of the first things to concentrate on.

I hope you have had an enjoyable time in London today and hope you have a great meal tonight. You made me laugh when you wrote about going to the gym first of all. That sounds like hard work to me ha ha. Take care; sending hugs to you and your family, Brian.


Re: My Journey Continues

4 Jul 2017 14:07 in response to haze44

Hi Hazel

Thank you I had a great day out in the City of London. Warm and dry and the cloud cover during the middle of the day made for easy walking conditions!!  We covered 6.5 miles and visited both the Bank of England Museum and the Museum of London which were both very interesting and free entry an added bonus.  We bought sandwiches and ate them in the park as well as enjoying a couple of tea/coffee stops.  Headed back about 5.30 and then joined my friend's husband at local pub for a meal to round of the day.

Lovely morning here whilst I walked to see Mum.  During the past week she has agreed to sit in the chair on a couple of days and still eating okay.  They are hopeful that she will agree to have the hairdresser to her hair on the next visit too.

After my visit to the gym I am now set up in front of the tennis for the afternoon whilst the washing dries.

Hope you are doing okay and enjoying the weather. Take care, Jules


Re: My Journey Continues

4 Jul 2017 14:15 in response to woodworm

Well done Briam, the tables look great and am sure they will be an asset for your next event (as well as showing off your skills).  I now look forward to seeing the new lines that you have in mind in readiness for the end of the month.  Lovely day here again today; warm with sunny intervals so hopefully you will be comfortable as you work.

Had a wonderful day out yesterday and despite growing up and working in London there are many parts which I have not explored.  You will see in my post to Hazel (so wont repeat myself) that we did indeed fit a lot in and my gym visits are only half an hour on resisted tension machines so not as hard work as you are imagining but still a great help both socially and as an exercise routine.  Meal out with my friend and her husband when we got back was an enjoyable way to end the day and we now have a list of other things to do when we next go up town!

Hope you and Mrs B are having a pleasant day.  Jules

Re: My Journey Continues

5 Jul 2017 16:13 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

Got out into the garage early today before it got too hot. I have turned 5 more penquins. The way I tried one of my new lines turned out to be a failure so will try another way; I wont be beaten. I have got to glue up some timber for two more lighthouses and turn some more trinket boxes including a couple of owl ones. My hoover is now back working okay ; there was some sawdust I had missed so had to take it apart again yesterday and gave it a really good clean this time. One of my club members came round today as he wanted me to cut a bit of Lignum Vitae for him which his saw woulndt cut. This is the one timber which is so heavy it wont float on water. Another bit of useless information for you ha ha.

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Lodon. I havent been to London for a few years now. Hope your mother was okay yesterday. Take care, Brian.