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My father in law has cancer, what can and shouldn't he eat?

27 Aug 2017 15:19


My father in law had mouth cancer and went through Chemo and surgery. Luckily the cancer is gone but I just wanted to ask what he can and shouldn't eat. I've been told meat is bad for cancer patients but I have no idea as I don't have any medical knowledge. I'd really appreciate if someone could educate me about a cancer diet plan. 

Many thanks, Nick 

Re: My father in law has cancer, what can and shouldn't he eat?

27 Aug 2017 16:46 in response to Nick.S

A personal point of view that has no scientific merit - 

Cancer and its treatments causes many people to have either a restricted diet or an inability to eat some or all foods due to changes in taste or lack of appetite.

I, for example am not only on a restricted diet due to stomas but I have a lack of appetite and an inability to eat stuff that I previously liked. I eat mostly chicken soup, though I've recently introduced minestrone. I try the occasional meal of fish with potatoes and cheese sauce an that's about it. Liver I can eat in small amounts. Oh and sweet stuff - jam roly-poly, rice pudding, ice cream.

My opinion then, after all that, eat what you want when you want. A caveat would be certain juices can affect medication, such as cranberry, grapefruit.

But cancer's enough without restricting stuff you might like.