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My best friends mum has died

12 Oct 2019 23:32

I've known my best friend for 11 years and today I have heard that her mum had died of cancer, what can I do to help her out with her loss? My heart absolutely pour out to her, and her 2 young girls. My best friends mum was their when I needed a chat, and she was a very special lady! Please if anyone can give me some sort of help, so I can help my best friend in anyway for her loss 

My best friends mum has died

13 Oct 2019 14:44 in response to Pandapooch14

All you can do is keep her company when she wants it you dont have to say anything just be there try and get her out for walks in the park maybe take some food or a takaway so she dosnt have to cook but be as you are and have been she will get through it but takes time some it take years otheres no time at all just be youself dont say ring if you need anything thats a cop out a lot use . Just ring and say ime coming over big diffrence there.p