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Mum’s funeral tomorrow

18 Jan 2023 19:23


My mum passed away at the beginning of the month and it's her funeral tomorrow. She has battled with cancer for the last year, having surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She had an awful battle but finally she passed away peacefully in a hospice. She was my absolute world and we will always be best friends. It's her funeral tomorrow, I've made every arrangement and coped well but the thought of tomorrow is making me feel sick. I am so anxious and worried about the day. I feel so overwhelmed and I really don't want this to be happening. 

I would really appreciate any advice. 


Mum’s funeral tomorrow

18 Jan 2023 19:53 in response to Luc12345

Hi Lucy

It is so hard to say the final farewell to our beloved mums.  I lost my mum on new year's eve after a brutal fight with cancer.  her funeral was today and i like you was dreading it.  I have kept so busy over the last fortnight looking after my Dad and sorting everything out, i havent really had time to think or really mourn her.

Yes, the service was tough, but it was great to see how many of her friends were there, to bid her a fond farewell, she made such a difference to so many people's lives, mine included.  I got through the day by remembering how proud she was me, and what a special mother she has been.  I will always miss her, but I hope that she is now with my beloved sister, having a big G & T saying that dad and i did her proud today.

I know that you dont feel like it now, but you will find the strength to get through the day tomorrow and your mum will be so proud of you too!

Best wishes



Mum’s funeral tomorrow

18 Jan 2023 19:56 in response to marie54

I couldn't thank you enough for this message, although I am absolutely devastated to know that you're going through such an awful pain too. Thank you for taking the time out of such a hard day to send me a response. I am so glad to hear how well your Mum’s day went, you would have made her so proud. Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement, that will really help me through. Well done for doing so well today ❤️.

Lucy x