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Mum newly diagnosed- outcome not what we expected

10 Aug 2018 15:23

I am so proud of my mum the way she is coping.  Me I'm the drama queen and just finding it so difficult to cope I am crying whilst typing this and at work just doing the mindless tasks that do not need thinking about.

For 6 months mum kept going to the docs with water infections and antibiotics, finally sent to the hospital who diagnosed bladder cancer.  Went for the results on Tuesday, thinking everying be okay, to hear the Consultant say she does not have any choices but one an RC and if she doesnt she will die.  Was told that she is in the 5% of the population that gets this rare agressive cancer that nothing will work on so the only choice is this.

Mum is a health 75 year old and said she is dealing with this each day as it comes.  Me I look at her and cannot stop thinking what am I going to do without her (even at my ripe old age of 56).

I have read and read all the posts but I am finding it so difficult to think of any positive outcomes of this.  She had CLL and was finally told she was in remission in January and then to have this.

Thanks for listening.

Mum newly diagnosed- outcome not what we expected

12 Aug 2018 22:01 in response to michelle18

Welcome to Cancer Chat Michelle although I'm really sorry to read that your mum has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer after being told she was in remission from CLL in January.

Many members here on the forum who are supporting a loved one with a cancer diagnosis know how difficult it is to be in the position and I'm sure some of them will be along soon to offer their support and advice.

We have some information on our website for family and friends about how to support someone with cancer but if you can maybe try and do what your mum is doing and take things a day at a time. It will be tough but if you let your mind run away with you it will lead to a lot of stress and worry which will take away from the time and energy you will need to support your mum. 

Do keep chatting to us here on the forum if you find it helps as you will find many kindred spirits who will understand how tough this journey can be.

Best wishes to you both, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator