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Mum lung cancer with brain mets... curative treatment?

21 Feb 2019 09:25


I am new to this site, january 21 my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer with brain mets. She had a short period of illness (two weeks) headaches getting more severe resulting in delirium and a short hospital visit, no chest problems although very slightly short of breath and low energy. It’s all such a shock she was well at Christmas now facing g this huge battle. The doctors have said they are planning on removing upper left lobe and brain stereotactic radiotherapy with the aim to cure. She is very tired all the time, a bit vacant and we have been told her lung function isn’t good. I am just so confused as I haven’t read anywhere about lung cancer brain meta with a cure? I want to know realistically what the chances are of mum beating this, has anyone had similar prognosis with either good or bad outcomes? Looking for honest realistic advice.



Mum lung cancer with brain mets... curative treatment?

21 Feb 2019 15:56 in response to Tillyj

Hi I'm sorry to hear about your mum my mum had small cell lung cancer and brain mum was diagnosed in February 2018 and passed away in August 2018 she was only 60yrs old.we were told from the beginning it was terminal I myself haven't heard of lung cancer that has metastasized as being curable.i hate cancer so much i wish you and your mum all the best