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Mum has a lump on neck

9 Jul 2018 15:06



I am worried about my mum (59 years of age). She has had a lump on her neck as far as I am aware since winter of 2017. She had an ultrasound scan around Christmas time which didn't find anything so they left it for 6 months and then she had a repeat ultrasound in June 2018. The doctor told her after this ultrasound that the results were not lymphatic. I am worried though from reading other people's posts that an ultrasound is not sufficient to draw that conclusion. He said there is blood going into the nodule so today they did a Fine needle assisted by ultrasound biopsy. However, from reading posts this is apparently useless and gives many false negatives?? The doctor said they would just leave my mum after this if it was negative though.


I am really worried.

Re: Mum has a lump on neck

11 Jul 2018 22:49 in response to help1768

Hello help1768,

It does sound like you are very worried for your mum and have several questions still unanswered. Perhaps you should get in touch with your mum's doctor and raise with him/her these concerns? You could mention that you have read about other people's experiences online and that it has made you wonder whether an ultrasound is indeed sufficient and also whether there is a risk of false negatives with the fine needle biopsies. To reassure yourself, you could also ask for a different doctor's opinion too. Try not to worry too much about what you have found out from reading other people's posts as it can sometimes be very confusing and what has happened to another person may be totally irrelevant to you. For this reason, it is best to place your trust in the doctors and to ask them any question that is in your mind.

Our cancer nurses are also available on this free number if you need to talk 0808 800 4040, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Do give them a call if you feel you need to talk things through with them.

Let us know what you find out if you get the chance!

Best wishes,

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator