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Multiple recipients

17 Jul 2017 13:14

I recently posted in the "introduce Yourself" forum and have had multiple answers for which I am very appreciative.  Do I have to, or should I answer each one separately, or is there a way to reply to several at one time by "tagging them" similarly to what I'd do on Facebook or Twitter?  Thanks much!

Re: Multiple recipients

17 Jul 2017 13:42 in response to Brenda101

Hi Brenda101,

I'm glad to read that you're receiving so many replies to your post! Happy

There are two ways you can go about replying to members here:

1) You can either click on the reply tool on each message they sent you and that will create an individual message to that specific person;

2) Or, you can tag more than one person in one reply by typing '@ + name of the person', e.g.: @Brenda101 ‍  when posting a message.

Just one thing to keep in mind though, if you decide to tag people please make sure you select their names from a list that will appear on the right so that they get a notification. 

I hope this helps? 

If you need more help just give us a shout. Happy

Best wishes,


Re: Multiple recipients

12 Dec 2017 19:34 in response to Moderator Renata

Thank you.  I was about to ask the same question.