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Multiple myeloma and bowel cancer

18 Oct 2019 09:42

Hi my sister has multiple myeloma and has just been diagnosed with bowel cancer.Has anyone had major surgery with myeloma she needs major surgery and would like to hear from anyone with multiple myeloma.

Multiple myeloma and bowel cancer

18 Oct 2019 13:41 in response to Hopej

Hi Hopej,

Replied on the other thread and then noticed this one.

I've had major surgery twice since being diagnosed with myeloma, the first time after getting sepsis, where I had my sigmoid colon removed and later, when I had to have my stoma redone due to a stricture just behind the stoma.

Both times I was expected to either die or suffer serious complications but with the last surgery I sailed through and was out of hospital afterjust 4 days.

Just remembered, I also had a prophylactic nail put in my left femur. I was out within 48 hours after that.

Hope I can be of assistance with any quezzies you have.


Best Regards


Multiple myeloma and bowel cancer

19 Oct 2019 08:22 in response to Taff

Hi Taff thank you so much for your reply.I hope you are feeling well at this time.It is good to hear about your surgery going well with my sister having multiple myeloma it is a very worrying time for the family.