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Multiple myeloma

21 Feb 2019 05:42

Hi guys.... I've got multiple myeloma and coping very well with it..ive got walking problems with this cancer but it's fine... Can anyone tell me if I will get motobilaty with this has I'm supposedly in remission.... Your help would greatly be appreciated... Thanks Barry 

Multiple myeloma

21 Feb 2019 10:18 in response to Westie1066

Hi Barry,

I too have MM and am on PIP. I've been rather ill since diagnosis in Oct 2016 and was on the enhanced rate for care and mobility until recently, when I was reassessed. I was downgraded to standard rate and as it stands, I have asked them for a mandatoy reconsideration, as I'm still ill and have just relapsed.

It's all to do with how far you can walk and how much care you need, rather than the condition/disease that you have.

The way the form is filled in is important and it's well worth getting help with it from citizen's advice or similar. I act7ually asked MacMillans but never heard from them.


Best Regards