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MRI inconclusive - what can I do next

2 Jun 2018 07:30

Looking for options, questions i can ask etc any advice would be appreciated.  History ... colon cancer 3yrs ago, sucessfully removed followed up with adjuvant chemo (6 months).  Regular 6 monthly CT scan now picked up spot on liver (segment 7) size 9mm.  Went for MRI and nobody can tell what it is... my letter says may or may not be cancerous.  I feel great, no side effects and blood tests been good... HOWEVR it seems the oncologists only giving me one option and thats open surgery.  No biopsy they say its too small and apparently cant have keyhole surgery... no explanation given.  I want to exhaust every avenue before going through this traumatic process again especially if it turns out to be nothing.  I know prevention is better than cure, but i cant afford to not be working, I am on my own and 49.

originally i was on here as JB but cant acess account anymore, so opened this one.


thanks in advance

MRI inconclusive - what can I do next

5 Jun 2018 11:31 in response to JBee

 Hello Jbee,

Thank you for posting a question. I am sorry to learn about your situation. This must be difficult for you.

I would like to be able to help, but I am not sure that I can. This is because I am not a liver specialist and not directly involved in your care.  But it is fair to say that the removal of liver tumours is usually done by ‘open’ surgery although it is occasionally possible in some cases to do keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery.  I am by no means an expert in liver surgery, because this is a separate specialty. But from what I can gather, the position of some tumours can make laparoscopic liver resection very difficult. So, I wonder if this is why it has not been suggested for you. Also laparoscopic liver surgery is not something that all surgeons do and it might be that it is not done in your part of the UK.

I think that at the very least it may be helpful to have an explanation about why laparoscopic liver surgery is not considered to be an option. You could ring your consultants secretary to ask if you could have an explanation about this. Alternatively, if you have a specialist nurse it might be a better option to contact then and ask about this.  If it is not done locally, you could ask about being referred elsewhere, but this could delay things and travelling further for treatment could present you with additional problems.

While laparoscopic surgery could speed up your recovery, it is still major surgery and  even after this some people are still hospitalised for at least a week.

Sometimes when people have tumours in the liver that are inconclusive doctors will monitor them for a while. But this is not an option for everyone, because ideally if it was cancerous the sooner it is dealt with the better.  

I can appreciate that the loss of income from time off work must be difficult for you. I assume that you have looked into benefits that you might be able to claim. If not your local Citizens Advice  might be able to help.   There is also an interactive tool  on the Macmillan Cancer support website  where people can work out if there is any help they can get. Also they do have benefits advisors and if you rang on their freephone number which you will on the web page you might be able to speak with one of these people.

I am sorry that I cannot be more specific but I hope that this helps. Do get back to us if you have any other questions. Our freephone number is 0808 800 4040  and we are here from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm.

 All the best,




MRI inconclusive - what can I do next

3 Jul 2018 18:47 in response to CRUK Nurse Jean

Thank you  


my my last post probably varifies a few things you mentioned and mostly all clear now. So I’m looking for what to expect after in terms of after affects.  Thanks about the finance info I have a name number and email with mcmillan to get help.


JBee xx

MRI inconclusive - what can I do next

3 Feb 2019 11:17 in response to JBee

Hi JBee, sorry this is such a long time.

If you don't mind me asking, did they ever conclude what was on your liver?

I'm a 22 year old female, and just before christmas, they told me I had a lesion on my liver, but mri scan was inconclusive. I was just wondering if I may have something similar to you. 

However, I have a rare blood clot in my stomach called portal vein thrombosis. So I don't know if it's anything to do with that.

Wishing you all the best.

MRI inconclusive - what can I do next

11 Feb 2019 06:47 in response to Mcr_roxmysox


sorry have only logged in now, first time in a long while.  Nothing was found very strange, although they still removed that big of liver just in case.  No chemo required.  Life just goes on and I guess thankfully so.  My first question to the oncologists was could it possibly be spot from menopause due to having hysterectomy when I had bowel cancer, apparently it’s common in women and common getting spits after chemo etc... they ruled that out with not much of an excuse, so I guess we will never know what it was.  The spot was definitely on the liver on the mri and ct scan so where the heck it went who knows.

how are you, any more results on your side?  I hope you ok xx