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Mri brain scan

7 Dec 2017 07:25

3rd mri scan today...terrified not slept all night. Not sure how ginger to cope with the cannula..needle phobia already causing palpitations just thinking..or trying not to think about it. Scan will not only show a different angle on the tumour due to be removed but is of my spine,,90 minutes to see if the tumour on my brain stem has spread.  Then Monday see the surgeon oncologist as well as my usual haem usually seeing the glass as 1/2 full but starting to feel that l my not going to survive this ...not sure how much more I can take and having to put my poor long suffering family through any more

midnight fish

Re: Mri brain scan

7 Dec 2017 08:26 in response to Midnightfish

Poor you.  I bet you feel totally washed out after a sleepless night.  Everything seems so much worse during a sleepless night and you have enough to cope with.  I do hope today isn't as terrible as you think it might be but you need to use your resources (I doubt your family would want to do anything else but give you as much love and support as possible) to buoy you up.  It is a bad place to be in mentally but you should not have to cope alone.  Make a list of things you need to know (when you are stressed you can forget things) depending on the outcome of your scan.  Best wishes.