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Mri brain scan

11 Nov 2017 23:16

Had a brain mri scan yesterday

said might just be normal for me or ... could previous dxt have altered the structure?

 Or could this be the more sinister 80% benign tumour that has always been threatened

...been told to wait till next week to make an appointment for the screwing me up inside 


Re: Mri brain scan

12 Nov 2017 08:02 in response to Midnightfish

Thinking of you and keeping everything crossed that all will be ok..

Re: Mri brain scan

13 Nov 2017 14:11 in response to Midnightfish

Dear Midnightfish,

Thank you for posting a question. I am sorry to learn about your situation.

Waiting for tests investigations and the results can be very stressful and I can certainly appreciate that this must be a difficult time. Under the circumstances it is fairly normal to worry. I wish I could shed some light on what is happening for you, but the interpretation of MRI scans is a very specialist job. It is, done by doctors with additional training and I do not have the expertise to tell you very much. Also, I don’t know what was meant when you were told that ‘it might be normal for you’. But it is fair to say that usually the job of the person doing the scan is to make sure that clear images are available. This is a very skilled job, but usually they do not have the level of expertise to work out exactly what is what. So, although it is easier said than done try not to read too much into what was said.

Yes, previous brain radiotherapy can sometimes cause changes that can be seen on an MRI scan. But as I said previously it takes an expert to work out if changes are caused by this.  So unfortunately, there is nothing for it but to wait until you have the results. There is not really an easy way to get through this time. But some people tell us that keeping busy and sticking to a routine can help a little. I do hope that you have some good support at this time.

I am sorry that I cannot be more specific and I do hope that you have some news soon. If you have any other questions please get back to us. If you would like to telephone our freephone number is 0808 8004040. We are here from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm.

All the best,


Re: Mri brain scan

13 Nov 2017 17:31 in response to CRUK Nurse Jean

Thanks for reply

Hospital rang today to say come in wed for results ..only 1 1/2 more days...not sleeping midnightfish

Re: Mri brain scan

15 Nov 2017 21:14 in response to CRUK Nurse Jean

Got results of scan...3 brain tumours 2 medium 1 large, think benign but won't  know  unless they test them was showed out of clinic as went over clinic time. They think called met ??? They are having met meeting tomorrow  then what in shock don't know what to do now,what happens next?  Told caused by cranial radiotherapy 40 years ago midnightfish 

Re: Mri brain scan

16 Nov 2017 15:06 in response to Midnightfish

Hello Midnightfish and thanks for your further post

Once your doctors have their meeting to discuss your case, they will then tell you what the next step will be. They are really better placed to advise you further as they have all your medical details.

I know waiting is hard but try and hold your nerve. Hopefully, you will know more soon.

Best wishes,


Re: Mri brain scan

16 Nov 2017 21:14 in response to CRUK Nurse Celene

Thanks Celine


Dr's had their meeting today then hurstwood park haywards health call to come in 9am Monday  and Uch dr rang frome London to go up there 

Too fast

Can't decide between haywards heath ..seems to have good repretation and closer 

Or London Uch have had all previous surgeries and treatment with and have faith in

Too Fast



Re: Mri brain scan

17 Nov 2017 10:09 in response to Midnightfish

I read your story here. Brain tumours resulting from your treatment as a child? You really have been through it Sad Really hope the tumours are benign, that they can treat them, and that you can get on with your life. xx Harry

Re: Mri brain scan

20 Nov 2017 19:47 in response to Harry2

Thanks for your reply

Saw surgeon today planning on taking out 1st tumour in December...very big but no symptoms  and easy to remove, when recovered planning on tackling 2nd tumour small but close to spinal column, and cusing symptoms planning on gamma jack knife or surgery are going to leave the 3rd as smaller won't know for sure if be neighbouring untill the test them...

Doesnt help being extreemly needle phobic . Very scarred mind night fish