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Moving house while having treatment?

5 Jul 2021 22:51

Does anyone have any experience of moving house while having treatment (i.e. chemo, surgery and radiotherapy)? My family were hoping to move, literally from one side of the country to the other, Cornwall to East Anglia, but now my diagnosis has thrown everything into doubt for the next 6 months or so (I'm due to start chemo this Thursday). I just wondered if anyone had ever done it before, and if it was possible? I suppose, theoretically, it must be possible for the hospitals to exchange your info; it would probably be up to me to make sure I kept on top of appointments and didn't miss anything. I have no idea how much the chemo is going to knock me out, exhaustion and sickness-wise?? Any thoughts welcome!

Moving house while having treatment?

6 Jul 2021 08:35 in response to Stiltonite7

Hi I think you would need to discuss the logistics with your hospital mdt to see what they say. 

I've  just had my 2nd chemo session for breast cancer and I couldn't do it. I can do the odd chore but then I need to rest. My bezt week is the 3rd week after session when I have more energy but you then need to isolate after covid test. You will need all your energy and strength to get through the treatment.



Moving house while having treatment?

8 Jul 2021 23:41 in response to Bellelouise

Thanks Louise, your words have a lot of common sense to them! I'll see how the treatment affects me (had the first today, feel ok at present, touch wood!), but yes, you're right about the treatment taking all my strength. Think the move will just have to go on hold.

Thanks once again, hope your treatment goes well Happy