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11 Jan 2019 20:58

OK everyone so for years iv had a lump in my lb had a couple of scans to no avail, (last in 2015) but recently I have been getting a lot of pain in same breast, an awful rash that has caused an infection above the nipple and I also have what feels like a huge indent as if iv had an inplant that has 'gone south' and causing a void between my breast bone a tissue what are peoples thought? 

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11 Jan 2019 22:15 in response to Jojoworried86

Hi Jojo,

We're not medically qualified on here so can't diagnose as I'm sure you realise, but clearly these are symptoms you need to see your GP about.

Have you been to your GP yet?  And have you ever been given any idea what the existing lump might be?

Best wishes,


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12 Jan 2019 02:13 in response to Jojoworried86


Hi Jojo,

Welcome to our forum.

I am so sorry to hear your concerns about your breast. If you haven't had a scan since 2015, I would certainly do as Twin Two has suggested and make an immediate appointment to get it checked out. If you tell your GP's receptionist your symptoms when making the appointment, she may and try to fit you in sooner rather than later.

Hopefully, another scan will be clear too and you can rest at ease, but you are always better to be safe than sorry in my book.

Please keep us updated and, remember that we are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

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12 Jan 2019 12:08 in response to Jolamine

Thank for the advice hun, I will call the gp first thing Monday morning 


Jo xx

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12 Jan 2019 12:11 in response to TwinTwo

Hey I will be calling first thing Monday morning to try and get in. I will I was told it was fatty lump and is common in bigger breast? It feels bigger than when I first found it.

Thank you for your reply I'll keep you informed of any news

Jo x