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More Bad News

20 Oct 2014 19:26

Hi my forum buddies. I got bad news this morning when I had a follow-up with my lung surgeon. The CT scan I had last week shows two new cancers on my lung, just about the same area that I had a cancer removed 2 years ago. We discussed where we go from here and I made it clear that I'm not going through another surgery on my lung, along with all the surgeries I'm having re bladder cancer. She agreed with me that I've been through the mill for the last almost 5 years now and she understands where I'm coming from. She will order a PET scan as that will tell us what else may be going on. Certainly not what I thought I'd hear today as I actually don't feel too bad, other than the awful issues I'm having with this bladder cancer. Besides which, everyone tells me how well I look. I guess looks are deceiving for sure.


Re: More Bad News

20 Oct 2014 20:12 in response to LorraineD

Hi Lorraine,

I just wanted to send you a massive hug, I'm so sorry to read your latest post. You must be feeling pretty exhausted after the news.

Keep your chin up, wishing there was something I could say to make you feel better.

Carolyn xx

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20 Oct 2014 20:13 in response to LorraineD

Oh Lorraine,

So sorry to read your latest news. I can understand your decision not to have more surgery.

Did you discuss alternative treatment options today, or will you need to have the PET scan results before a treatment plan can be decided?

I'm not sure I can add much more other than to say that I'm thinking about you and sending hugs across the world to you!

Keep us up to speed with how you're doing and we'll try to keep your pecker up!

Love Jo xx

P.S. I know what you mean about 'looking well' - It's a phrase I hear often - funny I didnt hear it as much when I wasn't unwell

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20 Oct 2014 20:46 in response to Meerkat@65


So sorry to hear that.  Not what you want to hear at all after you've been fighting so hard.  Thinking about you, Kathryn x

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20 Oct 2014 21:54 in response to katielouie

Hi Lorraine .........

I am so sorry to hear your latest news, it must have been a real shock for you.  Whatever you decide regarding your treatment, we will be here for you every step of the way.  Take care sweetheart x

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20 Oct 2014 23:09 in response to LorraineD

Hi Lorraine,

I was so sad to read your post, like everybody else here I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and will be here.  Hope x

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20 Oct 2014 23:10 in response to LorraineD


Thinking of you.


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21 Oct 2014 16:12 in response to LorraineD

Hi Everybody, thanks so much for your kind words. I haven't decided yet about treatment, but it will depend on the results of the Pet scan for sure. That will give us a better picture of everything else that's going on and certainly help to make a plan for treatment. With so much going on, with 3 different kinds of cancer, I can't be having surgeries on top of surgeries without knowing how all of this will impact the other issues. The other thing is at what stage all of this is at, because I don't intend to put myself through aggressive treatment when in fact, I should be looking at a maintainance kind of treatment. In any case, there are too many unknowns right now and my lung surgeon certainly agrees with me on waiting for the whole picture before we make a plan.

I'll keep you posted on how things go, and thanks again for your support. All of you know what this is like because you have been there too.

Take care all.


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21 Oct 2014 20:47 in response to LorraineD

Hi Lorraine

I am so sorry to read your post as you have been through so much already.

Stay positive and we are all there for you.


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21 Oct 2014 22:14 in response to LorraineD

Hi Lorraine

I'm so sorry to hear about your bad news

You have already been through so much.

Just remember your forum buddies are

Here for you all the way xxxxx

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21 Oct 2014 22:34 in response to LorraineD

Lorraine - so sorry to hear of this blow you've been dealt.  Whilst the news sinks in, I send you strength and hope that treatment will help to control things.  Peace and

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23 Oct 2014 06:43 in response to LorraineD

Hi Lorraine

Am guilty of missing your initial post on this thread but just wanted to add my virtual hugs and support as you get your head round 'more decisions' regarding results/treatment for this latest rotten news.  Wish, like all your forum buddies, there was something more I could say to comfort you but you know we are a 'good listening lot' when you need company/a chat. Hope you do not have to wait too long for the PET scan so that you can move forward - its good that your consultant is on your wavelength.  Jules x

Re: More Bad News

23 Oct 2014 14:41 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, not to worry about missing my thread. Its' difficult to keep up with all the new posts on here everyday and I am so thankful to just have the support of all of you. The difficulty right now is this waiting for the Pet scan as all of you know how hard that is when we don't really know what we're dealing with. At least once I get the results of that scan, it will be pretty clear just how extensive this cancer is and how best to deal with it. The ironic thing about this is that I feel good overall, i.e. I have no pain to speak of, (except this bladder cancer which gives me a lot of discomfort) and I don't have a cough, shortness of breath, etc. so this is really weird. However, I'm told that once someone with lung cancer starts to experience pain, cough, or discomfort, the cancer is quite far advanced. Well, this waiting is hard, but I have no choice in the matter, so I'll just have to wait until I get an apt. for the PET scan. My doctor thought I should hear within a month. It will be a long month for sure. All of you know what that's like. What a difference it makes to be able to communicate with people who do really know what this cancer journey is like. I certainly have good friends and I know they support me emotionally as best they can, but unless you've been on this road, you really have no idea how it is. Thanks to all of you for being there.

Take care everyone and thanks for the hugs and support. I'll post whenever I have more info. I hope all of you on this cancer path have some peace and comfort in your day to day journey.


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23 Oct 2014 22:11 in response to LorraineD

Hi Lorraine,

Two nights ago I read your latest news and felt so sad that I couldn't respond to you.

I am sorry, I hope it wasn't selfish of me but I just couldn't stop thinking how unfair life can be.

You have been such a support on here for so many people and you do not deserve such news again.

Funnily enough I only asked after you but on someone elses thread the other day.

I am glad you have a caring family to support you and help you through this whatever way you decide to go.

You also have your virtual friends on here.

Will be here anytime I can to listen.

Loadsa hugs

Annabel. xx

Re: More Bad News

24 Oct 2014 00:14 in response to Annabel

Hi Annabel, no need for an apology for sure. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself and ask, "why me?" but then, why not me? Why anyone? There is always someone worse off no matter how bad our own situation is and we don't have to go far to see it. I'm starting to come to terms with it, whatever it is, and when I get more info, I'll have a better idea how to deal with it. This waiting though is really hard and my head is all over the place. I hope I don't have to wait too long for that PET scan and the results from it.

I really appreciate the support from all of you. I'll keep you posted when I hear more.

Take care all. Hugs