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Moles in man area

2 Jan 2018 23:46

So i have had a mole for a few years no big problem i just thought it was all part of growning up. But over the last few months 6 tops  i have had over 28 New moles start to grow on my penis shaft and head. i dont think this is normal. I have been to the doctors twice now and both times they say its “no problem at the moment” and if they “change” come back. But i cant help thinking something is really wrong and that it will be to late when someone finds whats wrong.


just after some advice as nothing online helps me with the infomation of moles on genitals and how it connects with possable skin cancers and ect.. 

Re: Moles in man area

3 Jan 2018 11:58 in response to Mit-9891


Hello Mit-9891,

Thank you for your post on Cancer Chat.

Because your doctor has looked at the moles you should be reassured because if there was a concern you would have been referred to a specialist.  The advice to everyone (about moles) is too keep an eye on them and report any change to a doctor. You do sound worried but I am afraid nothing (such as removing them surgically)  could be done with them unless there was a concern that they may be cancer or causing you a problem.  It is all too easy to worry and there is a temptation to imagine the worst. 

You may consider that the best way to deal with this is to make a point at really looking at them say once a month (or however often you think it should be).  Some people take a photo so they have a baseline to refer to.  Then if you were ever saw a change go back to your doctor who if concerned can refer you to a dermatologist.

Moles are common, most do not become cancer but it always good advice that if you ever see a change to see a doctor.

I hope this has been helpful. Please do get back to us if you have any more questions or call us on 0808 800 4040. We are here from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Take care