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Mole change some advice

22 Feb 2021 19:32

Hi 3 years ago I noticed my mole on the side of my foot change in colour and shape.

Recently I've seen it and it's slightly change in shape but has gone back to light brown but their is also a light stain on the inside of my toe which for 3 years hasn't changed I don't think.

Also since I had the change in my mole I developed a pea side lump under my armpit which has gone since but a couple of years ago I developed 9 lymph node in my neck which went away.

Nov this year I developed a few lumps in my neck but after a scan was told they are cyst. I've also developed another lymph node on the otherside of my rapid which has grown now to a size of a pea.

I've also developed skin writing which is still present.

I'm currently waiting for dermatology appointment but was wondering if I can get any advice on this.

Mole change some advice

23 Feb 2021 10:01 in response to Amyamy84

Hi Amy,

I'm sorry you are having this worry and I hope your appointment comes through quickly & they can allay your fears.

The fact the mole on your foot has gone back to it's normal colour sounds like it's fine - depending on your age, moles can come & go or slightly change during your 20s & 30s but become more worrying when they occur in later years. The mark between your toes is probably fine too but it's good that you are getting them both checked out. The lymph nodes in your armpit & neck are unlikely to be connected to your mole - if the mole was melanoma the lymph nodes nearest to the mole would be affected - usually behind the knee or in the groin. The skin writing (dermatographia) isn't known to be associated with melanoma but it can sometimes be caused by an infection which may be why your nodes are raised (the usual reason for raised nodes being that they are fighting an infection). However, all these will be checked by the consultant to ensure they are fine so I hope you get your appointment quickly & you get a clean bill of health.

Angie (melanoma patient)