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Missing my partner, passed away in June

17 Oct 2019 21:26

I am going through the loss of my partner. He passed away in june this year. The docters did not refer him until it was too late..they did not diagnose him properly. They even admitted to not doing so. I am so angry and hurt. My son and his dad were best friends. He misses him all the time as do i. We are at a total loss. I dont sleep in bedroom anymore. I looked after him through this and all can say is thank god for the hospice. He went so peacefully aged 48..

Missing my partner, passed away in June

18 Oct 2019 02:11 in response to Bulldogz1

Hi Bulldogz1

Didnt want to read and run. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. x

Missing my partner, passed away in June

19 Oct 2019 07:25 in response to Bulldogz1

I'm so sorry to hear of your devastating loss, particularly as there are clearly issues about late diagnosis and referral. If you need answers to help you then insist on getting them. There are lots of support services and groups available including this one and although they can't take the pain of losing your partner away, they can help you in your times of grief, and distress. My thoughts are with you.