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Metastatic breast cancer of the liver.. Anymore treatment?!

3 Mar 2018 16:39

My mum is 49 years old and was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, after two ops and a main lymph node removed, she endured 6 months of intense chemo and 4 weeks of radiotherapy. After 5 years of being treated with tamoxifen we was given the 'all clear' .. However, they were only doing mammograms!! In 2015 she fell extremely ill with what seemed to be just a bad chest infection, also being told this by many gp's. After 3 weeks of this chest infection and no improvement, just deterioration, me and my family became extremely worried but not really thinking that it could be something as serious as the diagnosis! Safe to say, we were never informed of the fact that the cancer was more likely to return in another organ than the breast! when she was finally referred to the hospital after 3 visits to the gp.. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer of the liver, lung and heart lining. (Non-curable but treatable) cut a long story short, she was given 6 months without treatment and possibly 2 years with. We have been lucky enough to get 3 years now, but it hasn't been easy. She was treated firstly with paclitaxel, then capecitabine and most recent eribulin. Unfortunately, all 3 failing to work eventually and on Thursday finding out that there was nothing else to treat her with and it was over.. Possibly only 2 weeks to live. She begged to try a hormone treatment (letrozole) but was told that it won't work as cancer is too advanced. 

Wondering if anyone at all can offer any advice of anything at all that can give anymore time to me and my family with my mum?! She is my world, my everything and watching her die is breaking my heart beyond words. I'm 24 and can't imagine life without her.. This has completely broken my family, my dad, they've been married for 33 years and my elder brother 26. We would appreciate any advice at all from anyone.. Eg clinical trials anyone has tried??? Any other treatment? for anyone reading this, Thankyou for your time

Re: Metastatic breast cancer of the liver.. Anymore treatment?!

3 Mar 2018 23:48 in response to Mbent

Hi there ... l wish l could help, as this cancer is so cruel, and doesn't care who it effects .. but what l can do is send you a big vertual hug ..  l lost my mum so quickly, no time for goodbyes or a last mum hug .. she was my best buddy too ... so all l would say, is take every day, hug, share a few tears, and pack a lifetime in the here and now ... but I'm wishing you find your mirical ... and my heart is thinking of you both ... as I've got cancer too, and adore my boys, and grand kids ... I'm trying to do what l advised you .. take every day as bonus ... big hug Chrissie xx

Re: Metastatic breast cancer of the liver.. Anymore treatment?!

4 Mar 2018 10:00 in response to Chriss
Dear Chrissie, I'm so sorry to hear that. Such a cruel disease. Sending you hugs to you and all of your family too. Thankyou for replying Megan xxxxxx