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Melanoma excision and biopsy

12 Oct 2017 23:18

am feeling v worried. Had dermatology appt two weeks ago and have got to go back on Mon for excision and biopsy for melanoma. As far a I remember I’ve always had the mole but from my research (I know I shouldn’t) it looks like all of the abcde assessments apply. Not only that I think I looks possibly ulcerated meaning it would be at a later stage. Have finally managed to get pregnant after ivf and am so scared it’s all going to come crashing down. Just needed to express my fears. 

Re: Melanoma excision and biopsy

13 Oct 2017 05:45 in response to Fredaflintstone

very good to express them, cathartic, Do u have some one to talk too? i have a macmillan nurse at the hospital who is great. and my parner/husband and I have stage 4 cancer but dont worry much.

once u know your fears seek advice. dont let them fester. maybe if time allows keep a diary like I do. my memory is bad. 

monday will be a big day for u. go with your partner or friend or family member. get them to write down what is said. ask questions and any that come to mind after the meeting. be gentle with yourself. 

take each day as it comes, enjoy the sunny ones. You will be the 'best you can be' if you express your feelings and concerns and take time to reflect and not rush into knowing your mind and making decisions. Remember most skin cancers are treatable these days. 

chin up!

Re: Melanoma excision and biopsy

15 Oct 2017 12:14 in response to Fredaflintstone
I to am in a very similar situation to you, I have recently had a melanoma excised and it is stage 2a ulcerated so extremely worrying times ahead. I have to attend a specialist unit this week to discuss the next stage of treatment. I have had moles removed before that have worried me but have been fine. Also had a melanoma removed 30 yrs ago and still here to tell the tail. The waiting can be unbearable and drive you crazy. Surround yourself with positive people and keep busy. It will be difficult for them to give you much information when you go for your excision as it has to go for histopathology, you will then get a further appointment to discuss results. The waiting is the hardest, and remember if it is a melanoma it will probably be removed and all out tomorrow. The nurses at cancer research are brilliant give them a call.