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5 Mar 2018 09:56

My Dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. It has spread to his lymph nodes. I don't live with him and feel utterly helpless about what to do and how to support him. I have tried to research melanoma but all the information I am coming across is vague and changing (depending on the website). I am distraught and don't know enough about what is happening to my dear Dad. Has anyone on here been affected or known someone who has been affected who could offer some advice?

Best wishes,

A concerned daughter

Re: Melanoma

5 Mar 2018 13:50 in response to nzdaughter

Welcome to Cancer Chat nzdaughter although I'm sorry to read about your dad's diagnosis.

I can see you've posted in our nurses section of the forum asking the same but whilst you wait for their reply I thought I would share the information we have our on website about melanoma with you, which you can look at just here.

There are many members here who have been in similar situations with their parents and loved ones and hopefully some of them will pop by soon to share their experiences with you. Previous discussions about this diagnosis can be found by using the 'search forum' option in the blue bar above so do have a go at using it if you haven't had the chance to do so yet. Our members are very friendly and supportive so don't be afraid of joining in on any conversations that resonate with you.

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Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Re: Melanoma

7 Mar 2018 00:38 in response to nzdaughter
My husband was diagnosed with stage 3c melanoma in Dec 2012. It had spread to his lymph nodes. He was given a drug named Interferon, but he stopped taking this treatment after one month as it made him too unwell. Pleased to say, no drugs since then and so far so good. Stay strong and positive!

Re: Melanoma

22 Apr 2018 15:08 in response to Truffle

Sorry to hear about your dad.  There are some positive people who have posted some good news.  This is good to hear. I am recently diagnosed so looking for happy stories Sad

Re: Melanoma

26 Apr 2018 21:42 in response to Dizzidancer
I have been in the situation of having to nurse someone with Stage 4 melanoma and having it myself so I have experience as a patient and a carer. I would say that the best thing to do in regards to finding out information about your dad's situation would be to go with him to his appointments (if you can) as every situation is different and then you can truly find out his prognosis. This will help you understand his situation more and also be a help to him. I know from experience, when I was having treatment, that it's a real help to have someone else there to take in the information you're being told by doctors as it is a frightening and overwhelming situation. Just listen to and be there for your dad. It'll be hard but you will get through it. Please feel free to ask me any other questions that you might have.