Meet the nurses

5 Jan 2012 12:23

Hello everyone

The nurse team would like to introduce ourselves to you.  Our role is to answer direct enquiries from the public about cancer through our helpline and email service, but also in the Ask The Nurses topic area of Cancer Chat and through Yahoo Answers and Net Doctor.  We all have quite a bit of cancer nursing experience behind us and we love our work here at Cancer Research UK.  If you have a question for us you can call us on freephone 0808 800 4040 or ask it here

Hi I am Martin, I'm the head of the team.  I worked on the cancer unit at the Middlesex Hospital for many years and have been working as a helpline nurse for quite a few years.  In my spare time I like camping and hiking.  I am from Merseyside originally but now live in London and I try to make the most of all London has to offer.

Hi I am Jemma. I have been a cancer information nurse for 10 years. I joined Cancer Research UK nearly 2 years ago. Prior to becoming an information nurse I worked on a breast cancer unit and general cancer ward. Outside of work I love spending time with my family, doing yoga and when I get the chance, going on long country walks.

Hi I am Celene. I worked on the haematology and bone marrow transplant unit at both Charing Cross Hospital and Hammersmith Hospital for many years. I have also been a helpline nurse now for a number of years. How time flies! Outside of work, I am quite busy with family life. I have two sons and I seem to spend a lot of time on the tennis or football pitch cheering one or other of them on at various matches. In my spare time, I love to listen to music and going to the theatre.

Hi I am Jean, one of the longer serving members of the nurse team. I joined Cancer Research UK in 2002 and prior to this I spent 30 years working for the NHS. Most of my NHS career involved looking after people with cancer.  With that amount of experience under my belt I cannot pretend to be a spring chicken.  But I like to think of myself as being similar to a fine wine or a good cheese improving with age.

Hi I am Helen. Before becoming an information nurse I worked in general oncology and haematology, with some experience on a urology cancer ward.  I really enjoy my job here because each day brings new and challenging enquiries.   After 9 years in this role it could be assumed that there are no new questions.  But as cancer treatments develop, the questions that people ask change and enquiries can be quite be complicated, or to do with more unusual cancers and new drugs.  Outside of work I look after two young boys and have a burning ambition to tap dance.  However I have scratched the floor so things are on hold until I can find somewhere to practice.

Hi I am Lucy. I've been a cancer information nurse for about 6 years. Before this, most of my cancer nursing experience was on bone marrow transplant units, and I worked on a teenage cancer unit for 5 years. Outside of work I hang out with my 2 little girls. I also try and find time to play and listen to music. And as a tonic to south London life, I love a bit of camping in the summer months.