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Maybe lymphoma?

13 Apr 2019 13:03

 have swollen lymph nodes in my neck, it started off 1 side but I now have swollen lynph nodes on both sides, so I have around 4 on one side and 2 on the other .These can sometimes make my neck quite achey. I was at the doc a year ago who reluctantly referred me to haematology. Whilst there I had my bloods done, he said they were all normal but I kept getting positives on the monospot test. He then done an EBV test which came back negative so he says that the monospot is giving out false positives. He sent me to have an ultrasound done and then said basically they don't look cancerous and basically if they get bigger to go back. I seen him 3 times all in and all 3 times I dropped weight. I've lost a significant amount of weight, around 4 stone in a year (i was around 15 stone) im still getting positive monospots 9 months later. I am horrendously tired to the extent, that sometimes I am too tired to do a full shift and go home.  So... no biopsy done and a wait and see.  I'm not sure where to go from here? am I supposed to feel better? Could it be lymphoma? 

Maybe lymphoma?

15 Apr 2019 11:57 in response to Booyah

Hello Booyah and thanks for your post

I was sorry to learn about your situation.This must be a difficult time for you.

People often ask us about their symptoms and our usual advice is to get anything new checked out by your doctor to be on the safe side, and I see you have done this. It sounds as if your GP has taken your symptoms seriously as they referred you to a haematologist and you've had some tests to establish the cause of your symptoms.

I think the haematologist seems satisfied that everything seems to be OK.They have expertise in looking after people with haematological conditions. I don't  think they suspect you have lymphoma as they would have discussed this with you.

Lymph nodes can enlarge after a viral and bacterial infection even when you feel well with no other symptoms. Sometimes they take a long time to go down again. We always advise people to go back and see their GP if their symptoms persist. You could explain to them how worried you are about having cancer as it can sometimes be helpful to talk openly about this worry, and hopefully your doctor will be able to reassure you.

Give us a ring if you want to talk anything over.The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

Kind regards,