Together we will beat cancer



25 Mar 2022 22:13 in response to Twinmum81

I will be keeping everything crossed for you! Bring on the reduction but either way you've got this!

Stay strong and have a nice weekend xx


26 Mar 2022 10:41 in response to PositiveT


Have a good one too. Xx


31 Mar 2022 17:21 in response to PositiveT

Hi how are you?

Clear margins so I had the reduction yesterday. Feeling tired and uncomfortable but not in any pain. I'll be having radiotherapy and although my nodes are negative there were traces of breast cancers so I might need chemotherapy depending on oncotype score. Xx


31 Mar 2022 19:45 in response to Twinmum81


I'm doing ok! Back to work (from home) today whilst waiting for my second surgery. It's been delayed twice now! Scheduled for 14th April!

Husband has covid so has been banished to the bedroom in a vain attempt to avoid me and our daughter getting it!! Otherwise that'll put paid to surgery for a couple of months!!

So glad that your results showed clear margins and that your reduction went well. Sending positive vibes for quick healing!

Sorry to hear about the traces of BC although really good news that nodes were clear. Do you know when you will get your oncotype score?

Hope your son is coping with it all!!

Lots of love xx


31 Mar 2022 20:58 in response to PositiveT

Aw hopefully you and your little girl manage to avoid it and you get your surgery on the 14th.

I was do relieved when I found out it was the reduction and my margins were clear. A little worried about maybe having to have chemo but I'll deal with everything one day at a time. I'm in on Tuesday to have my dressings changed then again the following week. I'll see my surgeon on the 19th. 


I have my first oncology appointment on the 21st so hopefully I'll get the results and my plan then. 


My boys are coping ok, they don't really understand. They say mummy has a sore boobie and arm. What about your daughter? Xx


31 Mar 2022 22:13 in response to Twinmum81

Sorry sons not son!! Bless them. My daughter is the same. Asks me if my boobirs are feeling better!! And knows she can do gentle cuddles although has taken to cuddling my head recently! Strange child!!!

Kids are so resilient!!

You started this post due to worrying about having a mastectomy so glad that you got the reduction! Obviously we'd rather none of it but best of a bad bunch lol!

I can appreciate your anxiety about chemo but if it comes to that you will get through it. One step at a time.

Still not sure if I will be having radiation. Not had an opportunity for a proper discussion with my surgeon yet so we will watch and see!

Good luck with the dressing changes. Do you have any drains or a pico 7? Xx



31 Mar 2022 22:37 in response to PositiveT

Oh yes kids are so resilient. In a way I'm glad they are so young that they won't remember in a few years. Same here gentle cuddles until the forget and want to jump on you. 

We got to do what we got to do. Definitely getting better dealing with one thing at a time. I'm usually worrying about the next stage but I'm just concentrating on recovering from this op for now.

Hopefully you'll know more soon.

I have a pico7 attached to each side so that's fun. Xx


31 Mar 2022 22:47 in response to Twinmum81

So true!!

I had a Pico 7 too....the vibrating is a bit random but was quite managable.

Happy healing!

Look after yourself and your boys. You've got this!!



22 Apr 2022 21:41 in response to PositiveT

Hi how are you? 

I'm starting radiotherapy end of May, 2 weeks worth and starting tamoxifen and zoladex injections for 5 years. My oncotype was inconclusive but my oncologist went over everything and thinks chemotherapy would not be needed. Xx


22 Apr 2022 22:11 in response to Twinmum81


Nice to hear from you.

I'm doing ok. Had second surgery a week ago so a bit sore and uncomfortable but otherwise OK. I am expecting to have radiation but will know more after my next appointment on 3rd May.

Really glad to hear that your oncologist doesn't think you need chemo. That must be a relief.

Hope you are good and feeling happy (as much as you can be) with your treatment plan. 

Sending hugs xx



24 Apr 2022 09:36 in response to PositiveT

Hopefully you're feeling better soon and good luck for your appointment. 

Such a relief knowing chemo isn't happening.

I'm feeling a lot happier but struggling with my new boobs as I've went from GG to possibly a C/D but  in the grand scale of things I'll still be here. 

Hopefully my side effects won't be to bad from the meds. Early menopause here I come! Xx


24 Apr 2022 21:21 in response to Twinmum81


I'm doing ok! Thank you!

I completely get what you mean about struggling with the new boobs. I lost my left nipple because the DCIS was basically in the nipple so it had to go. This is the worst bit for me. My boobs are probably a size different so the asymmetry is a bit of an issue. I don't think it's that noticeable to others but I can tell. Hopefully when I get back into normal bras will be easier to disguise!! I'm less concerned about the size change (previously an F now a C/D or D/DD I would guess).  On the plus side am a whole lot perkier than I used to be lol.

Will really need to get measured.....that will be a trauma in itself!!!

Oh my god if only it was a case of chop it out and be done with it! Clearly not haha!!

I really hope you tolerate the tamoxifen well! And once again, yay for no chemo!!

Hope you've had a good weekend! Xx


12 Jun 2022 00:28 in response to Twinmum81

Hi Twinmum!

It's been a while so just thought I would check in and see how you are doing! Hope you're well and sending lots of love. Xx


23 Jun 2022 01:11 in response to PositiveT

Hi I am so sorry  for jumping on your post but really struggling to accept this and looking for any advise. It is truly devestaring 

I am 28 years old and been diagnosed today with ductal breast cancer after finding a lump (2cm) and calfiications showing up on my mammogram , I have been told I need to  get a mri on my breast and another bi opsy but this time on my calfiications instead of the lump. I start chemo in  3 weeks and go once every 3 weeks for 4 months. I am out myself with worry after reading lots of posts on this forum about most people just being taken in to get the lump removed or breast removed so concerned why I am being sent for chemotherapy first?

Has anybody experienced this? 

My doctor said she is hoping to shrink it as much as possible before the date for surgery but my mind is exploding worrying that what if it spreads and have I been given wrong advise. Should I push for surgery then chemo? 
I have a 18 month old baby girl so need to give this all I have. The Dr said its Early breast cancer grade 2 but I have no other family or friends who has been through this giving my age. I am really reaching out for any advise or help along this long road ahead to get me through. 

Any advise at all or to help me fight this is so much appreciated