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17 Aug 2019 09:21

Hi, I'm 8 months post mastectomy with reconstruction on left side. I have twice had unexplained swelling of implant and once after being pulled about by the horses which was probably just muscular. Anyone have any idea why it would swell  for no known reason. ??  No redness or anything , it's always warmer than my natural breast . Thanks for reading . Interested if anyone else has had this happen.




17 Aug 2019 20:18 in response to Yvonne28

Hi there ...

Sounds like a call to Drs or your oncology nurse would give you the answer .. as wer not qualified ... always worth checking .. better safe then sorry ... 



22 Aug 2019 18:15 in response to Chriss

Hi, sorry was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen., Not after medical advice. Just thinking maybe  this is the new ' norm ' as you find out so much after that no one tells you can happen. Thanks anyway