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22 Feb 2022 21:49

I found out today that I might need a mastectomy. I've been crying all day. In the space of a few weeks it has went from removal of cancer with breast lift to now a reduction or mastectomy depending if we get clear margins or not from my first op to remove cancer. If I need a mastectomy I won't qualify for reconstruction due to my BMI which isn't massively over the requirement. I'm really struggling with it all. I feel that I'm being vain when I should be lucky that my cancer is early and treatable. 


22 Feb 2022 21:58 in response to Twinmum81

Hi Twinmum.

Really sorry to hear you have received this news today. Its OK to cry and you are not being vain at all. The idea of losing a part of you is totally terrifying and any breast surgery and cancer diagnosis no matter how early and treatable has a huge effect on a person mentally and physically.

What was it that changed the treatment plan for you? 

Be kind to yourself! You never have to apologise for how you are feeling.

Sending hugs x



22 Feb 2022 22:06 in response to PositiveT

Thank you for the reply. 

When I went to get my magseed ultrasound they ended up doing more biopsies as there was another area they weren't sure about which turned out to be cancerous too. I have 5 small areas over a section of my breast. I do have large breasts so hoping the reduction works out. Xx


22 Feb 2022 22:11 in response to Twinmum81

I really hope the reduction works out for you and you don't need further surgery!

I have big boobs too.....current plan is for upper left quadrant of affected breast to be removed with a lift and bilateral reduction. Having an MRI on Thursday so fingers crossed that doesn't throw a spanner in the works but what will be will be!

Take've got this! Xx


22 Feb 2022 22:12 in response to PositiveT

Thank you x


I hope all goes to plan for you too. Xx


22 Feb 2022 22:13 in response to Twinmum81


Do you have a date for your surgery? X


23 Feb 2022 06:55 in response to PositiveT

No date as yet but I should hopefully find out today. Going to get another marker in tomorrow. Hope all goes well with your MRI. Do you have any surgery dates or will that come after MRI? Xx


23 Feb 2022 12:26 in response to Twinmum81

Thank you Happy

Fingers crossed you get your date today. I am due for surgery on 10th March - keep anticipating somethig will go wrong/change but that's just my anxiety talking!!! Fingers crossed!




23 Feb 2022 21:12 in response to PositiveT

Positive thinking that all will go to plan for you.


I never heard anything today. I was told my breast care nurse would call me. I've been told she would call me on previous occasions. I've only heard from her once just after being diagnosed. Is this normal? Xx


23 Feb 2022 21:17 in response to Twinmum81

That's ****. Sorry the waiting is being prolonged. In fairness I have only called my breast nurse once and she called back the following day. It was quite late in the day when I rang. So can't really say whether that's normal. 

I would get on the phone first thing and give her a call! Not fair to keep you hanging.

Good luck. Hope you get some news soon the waiting is the worst xx



23 Feb 2022 21:34 in response to PositiveT

I am at hospital tomorrow anyway to get another marker in so will if they know anything then. 





23 Feb 2022 21:41 in response to Twinmum81

Fingers crossed for you tomorrow xx


24 Feb 2022 19:36 in response to PositiveT

So confused as when I went today they advised I was getting another biopsy, totally different information from meeting with consultant on Tuesday. Then they spotted a small blob which could possibly be haematoma from my biopsies 2 weeks ago so they decided to biopsy that too. I honestly don't know if I'm coming or going. Xx


24 Feb 2022 21:09 in response to Twinmum81

Oh bless you that is so tough. 

Did they do biopsies today? The waiting is so hard and this is just adding to the time and understandably confusing.

So sorry this is happening to you.

What's your next step?

Sending hugs xx


24 Feb 2022 21:50 in response to PositiveT

Yes I had another 2 biopsies done today.

I'm so worried that it's leading to a mastectomy. Hopefully these ones are clear.

Once results are back it will go to MDT meeting then I'll no doubt have another appointment to discuss surgery plan, well that's what I'm assuming. 

My Husband called my consultants secretary today to ask questions as what happened today wasn't what we discussed on Tuesday. She wasn't there so I've to call back in the morning.