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Mass in calf muscle

12 Mar 2018 11:09

Hi there. I found a large-ish lump in my calf muscle in late October and went to my GP about it on the 1st November, he was fairly dismissive but referred me for an ultrasound which was 5 weeks later. When I went back for the results, the report said it was “a large intramuscular cyst” so I was immediately relieved. I had a follow up appointment with a consultant at the benign lumps and bumps Clinic in February, and my GP hadn’t attached the ultrasound results to the referral. I explained what I’d been told and he examined me but said he wasn’t happy and sent me for an mri. I got the results of that last Thursday and was told the mri showed that my lump is ill defined and nodular, and very deep inside the fascia and that there is also a second similar mass nearer to the bone. The letter stated that “these lesions represent potential for malignancy”, so the consultant has made an urgent referral to the Royal National Orthopaedic hospital which I’m waiting to hear about now.

I was just wondering what I can expect now? I’m not really scared as such, I just really hate being in limbo and not having a plan! 

Thanks for reading. ☺️

Re: Mass in calf muscle

13 Mar 2018 09:53 in response to Niks76

Is there anyone that can tell me what the next steps might be?

Re: Mass in calf muscle

13 Mar 2018 10:27 in response to Niks76

Hi Niks76.


I cant comment on whats next regarding what to expect as I have just been booked in for a MRI scan for a similar problem.

I have discovered a large mass in my hip area about 5cm x 3cm. I came here looking for the same answers as you. EXCEPT I'm scared as hell.

5 weeks is a long time regarding scans. My doctor said he wasnt worried but I just thought 'thats because your not sure'  Having had another episode relating to a mass, in my neck, a few years ago I can tell you URGENT refferals are usually done within 2 weeks. Then the specialists dealing with that part of the body will ask you to attend a meeting. When I had the first meeting It was with specialist nurses who told me I had nothing to worry about after examination.

Another appointment was made and I saw the specialist. again he put my mind at rest and ordered more scans, and then follow up scans to make sure the 'mass' wasn't growing.


It still remains in my neck.


Your situation and treatment may differ somewhat. But I will say the NHS provide an excellent service.. 


Re: Mass in calf muscle

13 Mar 2018 11:34 in response to jmdnnlln

Thanks for your reply.

I’m glad to hear your neck lump wasn’t anything to worry about, and I’m sorry you’re having to go through it all again. 

I was scared when I first found it because everything was taking so long; I had trouble even getting an appointment with my GP to discuss it, and then he was very dismissive, and I was sure it was cancer and nobody was listening to me...the 5 week wait for the ultrasound was almost unbearable. Once I had the results from that and they said it was just a cyst I was so relieved, but now it feels like the situation has gone right back to where it was in October with the not knowing, but the fear hasn’t come back. It’s weird (and maybe I’m in denial I really don’t know.) but I’m still almost certain they’re going to tell me it’s cancer, but at least someone is doing something about it now unlike before. Does that make sense? My stress is coming from a place of not having a plan, waiting for other people to make decisions, worrying about my kids, and about my husband having to take time off work for all this... I don’t do well without lists and plans lol!

Maybe we can keep in touch and do this together since we’re both at the beginning? Hopefully we’ll both get good news. ☺️

Re: Mass in calf muscle

20 Mar 2018 09:46 in response to Niks76

Hi Niks, The problem I find is, every time you get a lump or bump anywhere your automatically going to assume the worst. I booked myself a private scan after my doctor did me a refferal. But now I have the refferal i'm in two minds wether to do the private scan or not. As it stands at the moment I just have a lump.. but by the end of the week It could be bad news. So I'm now thinking of just waiting for the NHS scan to come through. CRAZY I know. but there it is... Yes please do keep in touch, I'm sure your going to find your original dignosis will be the correct one (cyst) Sadly in the days gone by, you didnt really hear much about Cancer, and today it never seems too far away, and the NHS moves along without the urgency the patient needs. But I do know one thing for sure.. WOMEN are always the stronger and more practical in these situations... Hope all goes well Nik's.....Keep in touch.....

Re: Mass in calf muscle

11 Apr 2018 16:48 in response to jmdnnlln

Hi there. How’s it going? Any news?

I finally had a biopsy on the bigger tumour on Monday, so now I’m just waiting around some more!


Re: Mass in calf muscle

28 Apr 2018 08:07 in response to jmdnnlln

Hi, hope everything is ok.

I have to go back on the 3rd May for the biopsy results. I’m hoping that the three weeks between biopsy and appointment mean that it’s nothing serious, but who knows?! 


Re: Mass in calf muscle

8 Nov 2018 15:05 in response to Niks76


Having read your posts am interested to know what the outcome was. I suspect good as you haven't posted since April. I have large lump in calf and deciding whether to have it looked at or not.