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Mass in calf

12 Mar 2018 14:33

Hi there. I posted this in the pre-diagnosis forum, but thought I’d ask here too.

I found a large-ish lump in my calf muscle in late October and went to my GP about it on the 1st November, he was fairly dismissive but referred me for an ultrasound which was 5 weeks later. When I went back for the results, the report said it was “a large intramuscular cyst” so I was immediately relieved. I had a follow up appointment with a consultant at the benign lumps and bumps Clinic in February, and my GP hadn’t attached the ultrasound results to the referral. I explained what I’d been told about the ultrasound results, and he examined me but said he wasn’t happy and sent me for an mri. I got the results of that last Thursday and was told the mri showed that my lump is ill defined and nodular, and very deep inside the fascia and that there is also a second similar mass nearer to the bone. The letter stated that “these lesions represent potential for malignancy”, so the consultant has made an urgent referral to the Royal National Orthopaedic hospital which I’m waiting to hear about now.

I was just wondering what I can expect now? I’m not really scared as such, I just really hate being in limbo and not having a plan! 

Thanks for reading. ☺️

Re: Mass in calf

13 Mar 2018 11:37 in response to Niks76

Can anyone offer any advice?

Re: Mass in calf

13 Mar 2018 11:55 in response to Niks76

Hi Niks76

Thanks for posting. I am sorry to read about what has gone on.

From what you explained the urgent referral that has been sent means you should now be seen by the team at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital within two weeks. They will further assess your calf mass and decided if they want to take a biopsy (sample of tissue) or completely remove it. The reason they will take some tissue is to determine what this truly is.

I hope the appointment goes well for you.

If you can it’s a good idea to take someone along with you to the appointment. They will be able to support you and provide a second pair of listening ears. In the meantime, if you think of any additional questions do write them down, as it’s quite common to get side tracked with other questions during the appointment

Best wishes


Re: Mass in calf

13 Mar 2018 12:18 in response to CRUK Nurse Georgina

Thank you for getting back to me.

I was hoping that it meant within two weeks. After not knowing and waiting for so long, then being told it was nothing serious, then being told it might be something serious after all, I just want things to be moving forward now.

I will be taking my husband with me, he’s been to all my appointments and he’s better at taking in information than I am!


Re: Mass in calf

17 Mar 2018 11:09 in response to Niks76

Hi again. I still haven’t heard anything from the hospital regarding the urgent referral that was made on the 8th. Is this normal? I was sure I’d have heard something by now in order to be seen by next Thursday which is the last day of the two week “deadline”. I’m getting increasingly stressed with the not knowing and having everyone on standby for school runs etc.