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Mammogram recall on Monday - scared

12 Jan 2019 08:23

Hi i had a mammogram xmas week and am having another 1 monday plus an ultra sound and i am really scared,have told no1 as i am trying not to think of it but its going over and over in my head

Mammogram recall on Monday - scared

12 Jan 2019 10:16 in response to Deirdre52

Hi there ...

I know the recall is really scary .. but 8 out of ten are fine ... my first 4 call backs from mamorgrams were fatty tissue, and I'd convinced myself every time it must be cancer ... one felt like a flat hard pebble .. but even that was o.k ...

Try to keep busy as poss, and push those "what ifs" away .. they won't change the outcome ... even though you've not told anyone, you've done that here .. it's a good first start .. but once I did that and went on my own .. when they told me it was o.k I had no one there to give a high 5 to ... and I learned to share, and was so glad I had my wonderful niece there when given the news we dread ... she was a great comfort .  .. so either way, try to let someone in that you trust .. and I've got everything crossed your will be a high 5 ..

But if not, you'll get lots of support on here .. there's quite a few of us Brest lasses .. and wer all in this ring .. with our boxing gloves on... and kicking cancers ass ... Chrissie xx

Mammogram recall on Monday - scared

12 Jan 2019 12:25 in response to Deirdre52

Hi, it maybe simply because you have dense breast tissue? I have had to have 3 mammograms all in the same day due to dense tissue, also had the ultrasound as golly it hurt, who knew how flat your boobs could be squashed??

let us know how you get on....fingers crossed for you xxx