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13 Mar 2018 10:38

Hi all just wanted to say hello i was diagnosed with tongue cancer in october, had op to remove half my tongue and lymph nodes in November.

Its been quite traumatic as everything happened very quickly.recently had mri scan and all clear.learning to eat again has been a bit difficult as i have dentures but hope things will improve with time.

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13 Mar 2018 11:02 in response to Mamaprophet

Hello Mamaprophet.  Welcome to the forum.  So pleased you have jumped in to tell us  about your op.  If you would like to chat with others who  have had tongue cancer you can type the words "tongue cancer" by clicking on the words "Search forum" above your post then typing "tongue cancer" into the box which appears.  I have just done this and there are quite a number of people telling their story and how it affected them.   And others may see your post and come to chat with you also. 

It is always nice when people come on to the forum; we learn a lot from each other and posters who are worried don't feel so alone.    The regular posters comprise people who are cancer survivors; undergoing treatment, caring/have cared for cancer patients - that group includes me, and generally people who have been affected by cancer one way or another.

I do hope you will get used to your new way of eating before too long.  Annie

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13 Mar 2018 11:31 in response to Mamaprophet

Heyyyy Mamaprophet, welcome to the group but so sorry of all you have gone through that brought you here.

That's good your scan is all clear now but how awful what you went through Sad 

I haven't been through cancer (hubby has) but I have gone through such awful oral pain that I would literally scream trying to just have sips of water and everything else even more painful. I went through that for several years and almost died from bleeding and not being able to eat so I can feel a little of what you went through. What I have increases my chances of oral cancer. I have to use a Vitamix to make everything into liquids due to oral problems and something in my esophagus where I can't swallow well enough for solids unless it's something that can melt in my mouth.

I will hope with you that things improve for you where you return to good health and can eat again. It's great to have caring support here and other places from family and friends.

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15 Mar 2018 16:53 in response to Annieliz

Hi Annieliz

Thank you for warm welcome and info, will give it a try.xx

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15 Mar 2018 16:59 in response to SillyGal

Hi silly Gal

Thanks for the lovely welcome

Sorry to hear you are having such awful problems with your mouth. i can sympathise as i have suffered for the paxt forty odd years with somthing called oral lichen planus which would make my tongue split and bleed and gett very sore.Fortunately i have been monitored.for many years and my cancer was spotted quickly also i new my tongue very well.

Don,t ignore problems get them checkef out quickly. Hope all improves soon. Tske care.x

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15 Mar 2018 17:13 in response to Mamaprophet

Oh my goodness Mamaprophet, that is what I have, too (and lots of other physical problems) is oral lichen planus and mine went advanced. I have it elsewhere, too. While it's not been that long for me as it has you but it has been at least around 20 years maybe longer (I lost count LOL) since I could eat what I wanted. With me, at first it was just spicy foods that was painful then got to be juices then it got to be everything LOL I can't have baby food because there is something in them that is painful or too thick such as tom paste, onions, other spices. Then got to the point even water was so painful I would scream in pain. I always hoped the neighbors didn't hear me as they would think someone was beating me up LOL Meds either made me worse or didn't help except for Gelclair gave a little relief for a short amount of time before that didn't even help. Then for years my bleeding got so bad my entire mouth it got to be 24/7 heavy at times. I can honestly say I know what starvation feels like. Not hunger but starvation. You got so much worse than me. I can't even imagine having to have some of my tougue cut out but it did shorten mine and my mouth so small I can barely open it. Come to find out Oral Planus is a side effect of a beta blocker I was on for years and my doctor kept giving prescribing me that even knowing I have Advanced Oral Planus. I didn't know for years that was a side effect but when I found out I stopped the heart med myself. Instead of dying of heart problems, I almost died of bleeding too death from the Oral Planus and other problems as a result of it.

You are welcome for the welcome Happy Thanks for the nice reply.