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Mam has been told they are stopping treatment

6 May 2022 17:44

My mam was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer last year, they offered chemo and immunotherapy to give her more time basically, she has been having problems with treatment and has now been told they cant continue as it is causing more harm than good, I am just so upset but dont want my mam to know that I am, how do I cope with this, I'm so scared of losing her

Mam has been told they are stopping treatment

8 May 2022 13:38 in response to Lol85

Hi Lol, 

I'm so sorry for your very sad news and I'm sorry you've had no responses yet. 
My dad was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer a week ago and we are currently awaiting him to start treatment. I understand and can feel your pain, stress, anxiety and worries. 
I know you said you didn't want to show your mom you were upset but talking to her about your feelings will definitely help. After all, she is the person your feelings are about and any guidance, support or just love will feel the best to come from her. She will know you are struggling whether you tell her or not, chances are she too needs someone to talk to. 
Try not to focus too much on the future and time, take each day as it comes and focus on making special memories with your mom that you both will hold close to you. 
I'm so so sorry for what you're going through, please reach out to me any time I'm sorry I couldn't be more help

Hannah x

Mam has been told they are stopping treatment

8 May 2022 14:10 in response to Hannahlisa17

Hi Hannah

Sorry to hear about your dad, best of luck with everything. What you have said makes perfect sense, I think I struggle as my mam lives a good 7 hour drive away but I speak to her numerous times a day on the phone. I will take your advice on board.

Thankyou x

Mam has been told they are stopping treatment

11 May 2022 10:18 in response to Lol85

Hello Lol85.  First of all, let me say how sorry I am about your Mother.   I know what you are going through because I too lost my mother to cancer.  I think you should have a talk with your Mum and say all of the things that you need to say.  When we lose the people we love, we sometimes regret not saying how we felt about them.  After my mum died I regretted not telling her how much I loved her.  You will find the strength to cope.  I know it might not seem like it at the moment, but you really will find an inner strength that you never knew you had.  Take care, xx