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making news out of our misery

9 Oct 2019 22:04

I bitterly resent the present coronation streets cover of cancer. I think it is totally wrong of ITV to highlight the emotions and problems.. do they realise that their must be thousands of people frightened of the future who are well aware of what is coming to them without ITV ramming it down there throats. i realise there is no hope for me and all i can do is hope i have got as much time as possible, i live on my own and i must admit i cried like a baby when i watched the first episode. I could really have managed without it. My wife who i lost to a brain tumour was a avid watcher of coro,s and i have carried on but i think its time i watched somethimg else.

making news out of our misery

9 Oct 2019 22:25 in response to charlesroy

Hi there ...

I'm sorry it's effecting so much .. and l think it's like anything in life .. some hate it .. some think it's done really well and shows others the emotional side .. how many people it effects, not just the person with cancer .. l personally think it's being done, really well showing the rollercoaster wer all on .. and other opinions are somewhere in the middle ...

But I think your right .. try to watch something else ... and like you, I hate it's in our face , magazines/ t.v adds / posters / and now on the radio .. it's like we can't get a brake from the word cancer .. so I'm with you on that ..  if only they knew how hard it is ... everywhere we turn ... maybe they'd not show it so often ..  all day every day ..  l know they want people to donate but some nights I even dream about it ..

But think this is an thought provoking thread .. it will be interesting to see what others think .. but welcom to our little chat place ...  Chrissie x


making news out of our misery

10 Oct 2019 00:01 in response to Chriss

Hi there, 

It's my first post on the site and I cam via the ITV link for the very reason this thread started.  I was watching coronation street on catch up and just cant pull myself together after watching it. I knew the story line was there, knew it would be sad, but hadnt realised that my emotions around my own cancer were so raw and now I just cant stop crying - its impossible - dont know if Im normal feeling tis way and dont know how to control it right now.  Im not terminal, had my first 3 month follow up yesterday after finishing treatment and ithe outcome of the appointment  was okay.  So am not sure why I am so upset.

Does anyone else feel this way - is this normal or am I going completely loopy.

making news out of our misery

10 Oct 2019 01:02 in response to TJ15

Hi there ...

Oh bless ya .. I think you've held so much in for so long .. when it's us going through a cancer journey, wer carried along on a wave .. tidal wave ...  we do it a day at a time .. good days , bad days ..  but we do what we have to do .. 

Then as we see the light at the end of the tunnel .. we look back .. like you did watching Coronation street... you realised the trauma ... you realised just how far you've come ... and what you did to get there..  then it hits us ... like a massive wave on our backs .. it's not just someone else , it's not just t.v .. we've lived it .. how the he'll did we come through it .. 

So forgive yourself for those emotions ... have a good cry ... feel those feelings .. then when it's all out .. look in the mirror .. your still here .. and in honour of those on this journey who didn't get to see the light ..

We look up and know every one of them are in our hearts .. every one has a star up there ..

Now I'm getting teary ... it's not about winning or loosing our journey, it's about kicking cancers butt along the way ..  ...  Chrissie x

making news out of our misery

10 Oct 2019 11:25 in response to charlesroy

I was a little unsure about watching this as I have cervical cancer. I did cry at points, but I’ve chosen to continue watching. Soaps can’t always have happy endings, because life doesn’t but I would say that if it’s upsetting, just don’t watch it until this storyline is over.

While it can be difficult to watch, I think it can be useful to see emotional side, and the effects on other people, like family, when someone is diagnosed...people often don’t realise how hard it is for those who are looking after us and love us. I was also watching to see if it was an accurate portrayal of this cancer...I’m on the fence a bit about that. 

We are bombarded from all sides by the word cancer...we can’t get away from it..dreadfully gloomy Macmillan adverts, constant fund raising events, requests for donations, charity collectors at the door. I’d LOVE even one day when cancer wasn’t in my head and in my face. It’s hard enough living with it.