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Lymphoma at age 16

6 Jul 2017 21:08

My name's Tony, I'm 16 years old and waiting for a lymphoma diagnosis. According to the doctors, it's highly unlikely I have anything other than lymphoma, so I'm just waiting to be told what type and how it'll be treated. I was in surgery earlier today to take a test sample out of one of my lymph nodes. I should get the results in a few weeks. Needless to say, I'm terrified and don't know what to do.

Any advice on how to make waiting easier on my nerves?

Re: Lymphoma at age 16

6 Jul 2017 22:09 in response to GoFigure
Hi Tony, I don't have any specific advice I'm afraid, but just wanted to drop by to wish you luck with your diagnosis with all my heart. I hope it's good news for you but either way I hope you have a good support network around you. Hopefully someone will be able to reassure you with some kind words, sharing their experiences. Wishing you lots of love, J xx

Re: Lymphoma at age 16

6 Jul 2017 22:45 in response to Jen_M

Hi J,

Thank you for the support. It means a lot in my late-night anxiety. Hoping all the best for you as well.

Re: Lymphoma at age 16

6 Jul 2017 22:52 in response to GoFigure

You're welcome.  I have a son not much younger than you, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good result for you ❤️


J x

Re: Lymphoma at age 16

7 Jul 2017 22:33 in response to GoFigure

Hi Tony,

I found getting on with tasks (in my case focusing on work) but you could set yourself a task for each day, clean out a room etc. This helped me a lot while waiting for results. 

I also found it good to only focus on each day as it comes, and try not to worry about next week or month, just live in the moment. Also it's important to talk about any worries you have, don't bottle it up.


The best of luck to you, please keep us updated.

Re: Lymphoma at age 16

8 Jul 2017 02:11 in response to GoFigure
Hi I had breast cancer last year & I 2 was terrified,so I know exactly how u feel. 1. Try 2 keep busy doing things u like, this will help a little with the waiting. 2. I went back 2 my gp & told her how terrified I was & she gave me some diaziapan, huge help 3. Call ur Mcmillian nurse I they r wonderful 4. Talk 2 friends/family. Good luck & take each day at a time

Re: Lymphoma at age 16

8 Jul 2017 16:58 in response to Space_1999

Thank you for your advice. I have a very good support system, so I have people to talk to if I have worries. Hopefully I'll be able to not worry too much.

I'll be sure to update on my situation here, but it seems at the moment that I'll have to wait at least a week. If I'm unlucky, it could take up to a month.

 - Tony

Re: Lymphoma at age 16

8 Jul 2017 17:01 in response to Alaska

Thanks for the advice. I've been trying to read and draw and do music stuff a lot to keep myself busy. Best wishes to you as well!

 - Tony

Re: Lymphoma at age 16

10 Jul 2017 13:21 in response to GoFigure

Situation update:

My doctor called, saying the results for my needle sample are in. The results point to Hodgkin's lymphoma, but the results for my surgical sample are needed to determine what type of Hodgkin's, exactly. It'll probably be at least Thursday before we get those results, but it could take longer than that.

Re: Lymphoma at age 16

11 Jul 2017 17:42 in response to GoFigure

Sorry to hear that GoFigure, but as soon as they know what it is, they can start getting it treated. 

Keep strong!

Re: Lymphoma at age 16

12 Jul 2017 02:13 in response to GoFigure


Hi GoFigure,

I am sorry that tests are pointing towards Hodgkin's lymphoma. I am sure that you are anxious to get the results of your surgical sample. You will cope better once you know what type of Hodgkin’s you have and decide upon a treatment plan.

Please keep us in the loop and remember that there is always someone here to talk to if you want to.

Will be thinking of you on Thursday and hoping for the best possible outcome.

Kind regards,


Re: Lymphoma at age 16

17 Jul 2017 02:35 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine,

I appreciate your kind words. I can't give any update on the situation, though, seeing as I have yet to be contacted by the hospital. The results of the sample are not ready. I'll post as soon as there's any new information available to me.

Best wishes,