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12 Jan 2018 09:54

Hello, my name is shawn im 29 years old and found out today that i have lymphoma. I got bloodwork and a catscan and went to see my doctor and he told me he had vad news abd that i had lymphoma. I was suprised and very shocked. I feel tired all the time and have lost 20 pounds in two months. My appetite isnt whaT it normaly is..  Next im waiting for a call today or tommorow for an appointme t to have a biopsy to determine exactly whT kind of lymphoma im dealing with. I have multiple hard tender bumps behind my right side of my neck and one large one under my right underarm.  I am basically shocked and feel like my life is over and that im going to die before i can enjoy my son whom just turned one.. i dont know what to expect as the doctor said i will need chemo.  Is there anyway that i get the biopsy and the doctor possible doesnt know as much and that it can be an infection. Is the biopsy painful? Is chemo painful? Am i going to lose my job if im outta work for months. How will i pay the doctor bills. I have so much on my mind and also in regret and wishing i had taking care of my body.. i just recently hit two months sober from heavy drug use crack/cocaine... as soon as im feeling good about my sobriety i find out i have lymphoma... idk whT to do and am scared and dont want my family my wife and two young children to be left alone... this is my first time on a forum chat board but had so much on my mind and figured i would start here. Im not really thinking straight and idk how i feel.. just wanted so words of wisdom and storys from other possible survivors who have had lymphona or who are fighting it abd how it has affected them and their everyday life and job and all that. Thank you

Re: Lymphoma

12 Jan 2018 22:59 in response to Hamesh23

Hi Shawn. Welcome to our forum, though I'm sorry you have to join us for this reason.

I'm not a doctor, nor do I have any personal experience with lymphoma.  However, about 20 years ago, my wife and I were shocked that the 18 year old daughter of some family friends had contracted Hodgkins lymphoma. 

She had chemo, lost her hair, had a few up and downs, and it wasn't too nice a time for her - but she is still alive and well and enjoying life, with a career, a husband and a family.

Since then, treatments have moved on and improved.  Remember that cancer is only a word, it's not a sentence. 

This particular forum is based in the UK, and for most of us our treatment costs are covered by the British National Health Service (NHS). From your mention of doctors' bills, I guess you're in a different country, maybe the US.  You're welcome here, and to post at any time, but we don't have a lot experience with the way things work outside the UK.