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lymph nodes 6 months

26 Jun 2019 16:21

Hi everyone

I first noticed multiple swollen nodes in my neck in november 2018 and went to the doctor. Doctor ordered bloods and nothing out of the ordinary was found. Then was sent for ultrasound scan and multiple swollen nodes in neck were found.

They said they were normal reactive lympth nodes and repeat scan was ordered 6 weeks later. On this scan biopsy was done but was inconclusive due to sample size.

Went today to hospital and some in both armpits were found and another blood and scan and biopsy was done. Just waiting on results but never had any symptoms of anything and no one seems to be able to work it out yet.

Getting fed up with waiting now and wondered if anyone knew what it was. Why are they staying around like this?



lymph nodes 6 months

28 Jun 2019 13:33 in response to onthebrightside123

Hi Onthebrightside123

Welcome to the forum although I'm sorry to hear that you've had this problem with your lymph nodes for the past few months. It sounds like a positive sign that your initial blood tests were clear and you've not felt unwell at all. 

It's understandable that you're feeling fed up with waiting. This period of testing and waiting for results can be a really difficult time. Hopefully now that you've had a second biopsy the team looking after you will be able to find a cause. 

I'm not sure if you've been given a follow up appointment date or if you know how long you may have to wait, but try to keep busy and take things one day at a time. I know that's easier said than done but looking too far ahead will cause you to feel more anxious about things. 

Do let us know how you get on. 
Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator