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Lying about cancer?

2 Dec 2019 23:59

Hi so my friend has told me he has Hodgkin lymphoma. He has said that he has had blood tests and a ct scan and was told he had hodgkin lymphoma and is now having chemo through a drip every few weeks. Something doesn't seem right with me. He has no symptoms or has no marks or bruising from being on a drip. Ive asked to see hospital letters but he says he hasnt kept them. Hes a very quiet person in general but now has has he doesnt want to talk about it when i ask. 

Am i right in thinking he is lying?

Lying about cancer?

3 Dec 2019 18:55 in response to Hetty00

Oh dear alarm bells ringing. Someone close to me had this very same problem (same disease) and yes he was lying.  However your friend could have gone quiet just because you don't believe him. If there are other lies then you may be right.