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Lung cancer spread to brain

21 Jul 2019 19:59

Just wounderin if anybody has had same experience,

My sister has lung cancer spread to brain the doctors sayit could be any day now as she really has detiriated big time its so hard 2 sit back watch sum1 you love just go to pieces she carnt even stand up it heart breakin im gonna lose my sister any advice plz

Lung cancer spread to brain

22 Jul 2019 08:15 in response to S.shell7

Hello sweetie - it's such a very sad situation for your family & enormously difficult to deal with. I don't really have any advice as such because we all deal with these traumas so differently. Facing something inevitable like the loss of someone you love so much is desperate because of course you don't want it to happen & wonder how you will cope with it. These feelings are normal but what life has taught me is that people are usually much stronger than they think they are & do, somehow, find a way to manage & get through it.

It's important that you let yourself feel how you feel & try to share those feelings with loved ones. Tell your sister how much you love her whilst you can. It will help you later.

Do keep posting here & you'll get support from people who have been through this & understand your pain. Will think about you. x