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lung cancer

25 Nov 2022 22:42

my brother  has been diagnosed  with squamous cell lung cancer  6 cm tumour  in 1 lung hes in poor health so surgery  isnt an option  for him They have said although its contained  in 1 lung if he dosent have treatment  he will have 6 months maximum  left to live With radiotherapy  they said 5 yrs he has a good chance of living they said they would be aiming to kill the cancer and it would be curative  treatment  .However the cancer could come back  at some point. They have not said the stage if the cancer or anything like that.But said it is one of the better cancers to have I'm not ready to loose him yet can you tell me any more about it

lung cancer

28 Nov 2022 13:08 in response to MC1

Hello MC1 and thanks for posting,

I am sorry to learn about your brother and can understand this is a difficult time for you all. 

I'm afraid I can't tell you any more about your brother's specific situation as only his doctors can, but it sounds like they are offering potentially curative treatment which is a positive thing. Doctors can't guarantee how well a treatment will work for an individual, but they know how many people in a similar situation it would usually work in. Unfortunately even after treatment that aims to cure, a cancer could come back, but it might not and only time will really tell. 

If it would help to read about it, our website has more information about radiotherapy for lung cancer at this link .

Please give us a ring if you want to talk anything over, our Freephone number is 0808 800 4040 and we are here from 9-5 weekdays.

Best wishes,