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Lung cancer

11 Nov 2017 05:18

Hi. My name is Tracey. 50 years old and I've just had a left upper lobe lobectomy. Only found out around a month ago that I had lung cancer and now I've had a 6.2 cm tumour removed within the left upper lobe. Feel kind of stunned still. I'm waiting now to see if further treatment is needed. What a rollercoaster. 

Re: Lung cancer

11 Nov 2017 09:06 in response to Tapalmer

Hi there and welcome to our little chat room ... you'll hear the word rollercoaster on here a lot .. coz it's ups and downs and sometimes feels like we just want to jump off this ride ... but then you have to hold on even tighter as you know it's a bumpy ride ...but here we are all of us on this journey are there on the ride with you ... hope you've got someone there with you holding your hand as they are our crutches that will help along the way ... 

Try not to look to far ahead as it can look overwhelming and then find it hard to cope .. small steps just taking where you are today .. and takle each problem as and when it pops up ... although even the toughest of us has low days... it's all part of this path we find ourselves on ... 

So sending you caring thoughts and there's always someone here who knows how your feeling an will help you through ... big hug chrisie xx