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Lump under armpit

22 May 2020 10:55 in response to Libbyd40

No he didn't sound overly concerned he just said it should go away in 2 weeks but it's been 2 weeks now and it's still there. It's weird as sometimes I can feel it and other times I struggle to find it. I've poked around under my armpit so much now I sometimes feel like I'm imagining there's more than there is if you know what I mean! I think I'm going to bite the bullet and phone the doctors next week. Let me know how you get on and if you speak to the doctor. Xxx

Lump under armpit

22 May 2020 11:10 in response to lauraloo1983

If it's not grown that's a good sign. I know what you mean, anxiety can play some nasty tricks on us and we imagine we can feel all sorts. 

Let me know his things go next week xx

Lump under armpit

26 May 2020 22:29 in response to Libbyd40

I found a lump in my armpit about three weeks ago. I finally saw a gp last week and was prescribed antibiotics. She seemed very positive these would clear it up. I have now completed the course and the lump is still there. I'm really worried now. We have a telephone consultation again tomorrow and I'm dreading it. How is everyone else?

Lump under armpit

26 May 2020 22:32 in response to Worried235

Has it grown at all? I've had mine 2 weeks now and it's not grown at all. Still the same small round ball, firm but it moves between my fingers when I hold it. Mines still the size of one of those small silver balls you'd decorate cakes with. So it's pretty small. I'm giving it another week or so before I get an appointment. 

Let me know how you get on with your doctor. It's good your doctor was so confident and not concerned. I know how scary it is, I've the same anxiety xxxx

Lump under armpit

26 May 2020 22:34 in response to Libbyd40

I felt like it reduced a little a few days into the antibiotics but I feel like it's bigger again now. 

Lump under armpit

26 May 2020 22:39 in response to Worried235

That's reassuring it did start to get smaller. Is it firm? How big does it feel? 

Lump under armpit

26 May 2020 22:49 in response to Libbyd40
I was planning on getting mine checked this week but I don’t think mine has got any bigger. Sometimes I feel around and I can’t find it. If they only prescribed antibiotics they must be sure it’s nothing serious, did they say what they thought it was? I think sometimes if I feel mine a lot I forget how big it is and maybe you might think it hasn’t got any smaller but it has. Let us know how you get on with your GP. Xx

Lump under armpit

26 May 2020 23:55 in response to lauraloo1983

I said this to hubby. The more I feel it the bigger it feels. So I've had days of feeling it constantly and I swear it's made it swell up in the area. If I leave it a few days it often feels smaller. It may not be but it feels it.

Lump under armpit

28 May 2020 14:29 in response to Worried235

Hi Worried. 

How did your GP appointment go? I hope you're ok.

Lump under armpit

28 May 2020 14:48 in response to Libbyd40

It was a telephone appointment and I was very disheartened by the outcome. Without even seeing how the lump looks now I have been prescribed a second week of antibiotics (a different one this time). I asked repeatedly for someone to have another look but was told there was nothing more they would do until I had completeted the course of antibitiotics. I really feel that this is more serious than the gp thinks. 

thanks for asking by the way!

Lump under armpit

28 May 2020 15:09 in response to Worried235

Oh I'm sorry. I understand your worries as I'm thinking the same and I'm trying to monitor mine without panicking, it's hard not to worry it's more serious. If your GP has felt it before that's reassuring because they'd surely not expect you to wait if they thought for one minute it needed checking over. 

Mines painless  so if my GP gave me antibiotics I'd probably wonder if any point in taking them so i understand why you're disheartened. Do you have to go back after the course of antibiotics?

Lump under armpit

28 May 2020 15:37 in response to Libbyd40

I have another phone consultation on Wednesday. 

Lump under armpit

28 May 2020 18:39 in response to Worried235

Keep us updated. I really hope it starts to go smaller for you. Mine hasn't and it's worrying me silly. I know how awful it is. Hugs x

Lump under armpit

31 May 2020 13:07 in response to Libbyd40

Hi , 

i have lump ( rubbery and  painless and movable . I think size not grown)in my both armpits since 18 months .. i never thought this was consern about something . I thought its fat as i gained too much weight during pregnency . three weeks back i reliased .. since then i started toching and squeeze it started arm pain and joint pains .. i called to gp they gave appointment on 9 th june. I couldn't sleep and keep thinking about worse .literally crying alot .please anyone has same kind of lump ..

Lump under armpit

18 Jun 2020 00:09 in response to Libbyd40

This is exactly what I have under my right armpit I’m 27 y/o..  I can put my fingers around it it doesn’t feel like it’s attached to anything does it ? , and it’s just like under the skin surface. no pain atall like one of those silver ball things that is correct but smaller then a pea. It doesn’t move either I’ve had mine now around 18 months even longer, I got checked out by  a dermatologist my dr referd me around 5 months ago. I forgot the name he called it but it isn’t dangerous. I am going to go back though just to put my mind at ease! I have the exact same lump under the skin in my groin to! Let me know what your G.P says please x