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Lump not showing on Ultrasound

15 Mar 2020 22:07 in response to CRUK Nurse Catherine

Hello I am 32 and had the same kind of experience where it all felt very rushed. I understand that it is a busy clinic but I didn't feel reassured at all.

The doctor could feel the lump and so could the technicians doing my ultrasound, but because it didn't show on the ultrasound I was told to clean up get dressed and take a sheet back to the desk discharging me. 

The lump is still there and its really got me feeling like I shouldn't bother speaking to my doctor about it because of how I was rushed out. 

Maybe I'm taking hard because I have just lost a family member after they fought cancer for years in multiple areas, but I felt 0 reassurance from my visit and how can I reassure my family after our loss when I don't feel reassured myself?



Lump not showing on Ultrasound

17 Mar 2020 12:56 in response to JennieS

Hello Jennie,

Thank you for posting a question. I am sorry to learn about your situation.

From what you describe, I wonder if perhaps communications at the breast clinic could have been better. For example, if you had been given more information about why the breast team felt that it was safe to leave the lump, you might feel more reassured. But it may be helpful to know that when a breast lump does not show up on mammography or ultrasound, often the lump is likely to be similar to normal breast tissue and less likely to be cancer. However there can be other reasons why a lump does not show up. But had there been any concerns other tests would have been ordered or you may have been asked to get things checked again in a little while.

While I can appreciate your reluctance to go back to see your doctor, this is likely to be the best way forward. They may be able to offer you a satisfactory explanation. Also if your doctor feels that things should not have been left as they are, they could take it up with the clinic. 

There is never a good time for this sort of thing to happen, but coming on top of your loss I can appreciate that this must be getting you down.

Please get back to us if you think it might help. 

Kind regards,


Lump not showing on Ultrasound

5 May 2020 17:31 in response to JennieS


I am having the same at the moment Catherine.  I am 26. I hope yours was all ok in the end? 

I have a moveable lump/lumpy area that specialists can feel but nothing appearing on ultrasound.  The same feeling isn't in my other breast and is noticeably a lump/lumpy area.

I don't understand why it doesn't come up on scans though?  Is it not comming up because it's a fatty lump/area? Or enlarged lobule maybe?  Or If it is a Fibroadenoma (which they haven't told me it is) would this come up on a ultrasound scan?   

I have been discharged too, the specialist wasn't concerned and gave me a leaflet showing me a picture of a breast.  I wished I had asked specifically what it is so I could be reassured to why it's not perhaps showing on ultrasound.  

I have contacted my GP to hopefully get a better understanding. 

Lump not showing on Ultrasound

6 May 2020 14:33 in response to magoo

Hi Kirsty, thanks for posting.

Unfortunately neither the nurses nor anyone on the forum is going to be able to tell you what the lump is, or explain/tell you more about what the breast clinic specialist thought.   

It would be unusual at your age for this lump to be anything serious and you say that the breast team have discharged you, so that all sounds quite reassuring. I think you are right in contacting the GP to get more of an understanding about the situation, they should have been sent a letter about your appointment at the hospital so should know more. At the moment due to the corona virus they will organise a telephone appointment with your doctor, followed by a face to face examination if they feel you need it.

I've added here some information on fibroadenomas, which I'm sure you've already seen, and other benign breast lumps here.

You may find it helpful to talk things through with one of the nurses on our helpline.  The number is Freephone 0808 800 4040, 9 till 5, Mon to Fri.

Take care,


Lump not showing on Ultrasound

21 May 2020 12:03 in response to CRUK Nurse Sarah

Hi all, 

I hope some of you have had reassurance since these posts.

I felt a lump about 1 month ago. It was hard, immobile and painless so went to my gp for advice. They referred me to the breast unit. Both my gp and consultant felt a lump that was around 2-3cm ish.

At the clinic they performed an ultrasound as I am under 30.I was sat for the scan no more than 3 minutes, told they couldn't find anything, in an almost accusatory tone. 

After another hour waiting the consultant called me in to say they saw nothing and that was it. I was in that room around 30 seconds. No reassurance, no explanation as to what the lump could be, nothing.

Cancer unfortunately runs in my family, but not breast cancer so they were not worried about the family history.

I am very overweight (something I am continuously working on!) and have fairly large breasts, 40DD so medical journals often say an ultrasound is not always particularly effective in spotting anything. 

Would anyone suggest going private for reassurance or requesting a second opinion? Just some sort of answer other than '' we can't see anything'' would be nice. 

Lump not showing on Ultrasound

21 May 2020 14:15 in response to 00231568

Hello and thank you for posting on the thread

I am sorry to hear about your experience at the breast unit and that you have come away still very worried.

I think it is worth getting in touch with your GP to see what they have to say. They should have received a copy of the ultrasound report and may be able to give you some more information. Do also tell them your concerns and see what they suggest.

Breast clinics are the experts in assessing breasts and are usually very good at explaining things to women. I would have thought if there had been any uncertainty or the images from the ultrasound being unclear they would have done further tests. 

There is always the option of getting a private scan done but of course this will be at a cost to you, however it may be one way of you getting some reasurrance that everything is normal.

Do get back in touch if you need to or if you would like to talk things through on our helpline the number to call is 0808 800 4040 we are here Mon-Fri 9am till 5pm.

Take care


Lump not showing on Ultrasound

30 Sep 2020 17:55 in response to CRUK Nurse Naomi

Having a read through these posts after a similar experience- found a small, but noticeable lump in my breast (not painful but can feel a pressure or mild ache). Went to GP who could also feel, so referred to breast clinic. Had an initial consultation and doctor could also feel lump so went for ultrasound (age 30). Ultrasound were v grumpy and said that I should have had a mark on my breast, and how could they know where to scan if I didn't. I tried to explain where I'd found the lump but didn't feel very able to do that well in the moment. They said they couldn't see anything and cast doubt on whether there was even anything there to feel. I felt uncomfortable so ended the ultrasound. The original breast clinic doctor came to see me to try and reassure that he thinks it's nothing. But I don't feel very reassured after the ultrasound. I don't know whether to just leave it at that or if I should still be concerned. 

Lump not showing on Ultrasound

1 Oct 2020 11:36 in response to emily2

Hello Emily and thanks for your post

I'm sorry about your recent experience at the breast clinic. I'm afraid I can only reiterate what my colleague Naomi said.

I do think that as you were seen by a breast specialist team at the breast clinic you should feel reassured. I say this because they are experts in all breast conditions. I imagine that your ultrasound scan was clear and no further tests such as a biopsy was needed. This is usually only suggested if the scan shows changes in the breast that the doctors are not sure about. 

If the doctor was at all concerned about your breast they would have discussed this with you. If you are still worried and do not feel reassured by the breast specialist team perhaps you should go back to the GP who referred you to talk about your concerns. Usually they would get a summary letter from the hospital with any test results and the conclusions of the specialist.

I hope you know more soon. Give us a ring if you want to talk anything over. The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

Kind regards,


Lump not showing on Ultrasound

21 Nov 2020 22:00 in response to CRUK Nurse Celene

Hi sorry I'm a little late replying to this thread but I wondered if anyone has had any further investigations and knows the outcome? 

I had a very similar experience I visited my gp regarding a 1cm pea sized lump in my right breast and was told to give it a few weeks and keep an eye on it. 2 months later it was still there so I was referred to the breast clinic on a 2ww. I fully expected to arrive and be seen and told it was nothing. The first dr told me she wasn't worried as it was so small and felt like a fibroderma or a cyst. I was sent for an ultrasound and nothing was found even tho the nurse could feel it to. I went back to the waiting area and my dr asked another consultant to come and have a feel and he could also fee it so they carried out a biopsy. Iv been told I'll get the results in a week either by letter or I'll be called in. It's the longest week ever and I'm praying it's good news. Im 27 with a 2yo little girl Thanks

Lump not showing on Ultrasound

23 Nov 2020 15:01 in response to casey94

Hi and thanks for posting

Hopefully you'll hear some positive feedback from other people posting, which will be encouraging, but of course you will still need to wait for your own results.

It's good a biopsy was done as it should eliminate any doubt as to what this may be. At your age, it's usually more common for it to be a fibroadenoma or other benign(non cancerous) lump, but it's just not possible to say for sure.

It's horrid waiting for any results and I hope you're able to keep busy with your little girl, and that the results will come back quickly.

All the best