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Lump in neck and breast

29 Dec 2020 10:01

Hi so developed a lump in right side of my neck a few months ago presumed it was a swollen lymph node thought no more of it, fast forward to 4 days before Xmas and I found a lump in my left breast Gp examined me and I mentioned the lump in neck as well he agreed it shouldn't still be there so has referred me under the 2 week rule to both the breast clinic and ENT. He also took some bloods and drs rang me this morning saying he wants to speak to me regarding my thyroid?? So my appointments are for next week but I'm sat here thinking all sorts have I got breast cancer, thyroid cancer? Cancer everywhere? Can't sleep can't eat spent Xmas trying to put a brave face on for the kids but really struggling one now got terrible pain just below my ribs and convincing myself of the worst. Anybody been through anything similar?? Thanks for reading x 

Lump in neck and breast

29 Dec 2020 10:05 in response to Juju78

Hey, I'm sorry to hear of your recent worries, 

I have all these symptoms except my doctors didn't say my lump should not longer be there, I was always told they were okay and normal and I have immense breast pain. 

I hope you get some answers soon but I also have pain under left ribs which apparently is okay too!

dont google see your doctor, you are doing the right thing x  

Lump in neck and breast

29 Dec 2020 10:20 in response to Becksxxx

Thank you for your reply it's so hard not to bloody google isn't it?!!! I think if I hadn't gone with the lump in my breast he wouldn't be concerned about the one in my neck he said because of that new lump he had to investigate both? Couldn't be a worse time with Xmas only managed to speak to both departments today to find out when appointments are so have waited a week already. If you aren't happy with what they've said please go back it's awful to be so worried xx

Lump in neck and breast

29 Dec 2020 12:25 in response to Juju78


I am in same position, breast lump, enlarged lymph node and huge lump on thyroid. I have had my ent appointment after an ultra sound and consultant wasn't concerned at all, said the thyroid lump was a goitre (very common) and lymph nodes can stay swollen for a long time so he took me straight off the cancer pathway. I am still waiting for breast appointment but i had a benign breast lump removed back in September so i think it's just scar tissue.


Like you i was terrified, my bloods are all abnormal but every thing they have found is benign.

It's all so frightening but so many get good results despite the weird things our bodies grow!!

Good luck xx

Lump in neck and breast

26 May 2021 22:32 in response to Amy10


what was the outcome of this?

I have a lump in my neck that I'm having a scan for, and I've got one in my armpit too. I did however, have a biopsy of a swollen lymph node in a similar area (around 2 years ago), so I'm wondering if it's just scar tissue. 

Lump in neck and breast

13 Oct 2021 23:40 in response to Juju78

Same as me now got breast lump in left side and now large lump under my right ear still waiting for appointment 3 weeks now. I have for the last year had swollen glands every 6 weeks i am worried too.