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Lump in armpit.

12 Mar 2019 12:32

Hi everyone. 


I hope this is ok to post here.  I’m just wondering what to do and if anyone has experienced this.  I had a lump under my armpit which my gp was very concerned about.  It didn’t move and was very hard.  They have done a 2 week referral to the breast clinic which is on Friday. Well it seems to have gone.  It was so prominent and I’m sure I can’t feel it.  Does anyone have any suggestions what to do.  I really don’t want to waste a breast clinic app if I don’t need it and someone else does.  


Many Thanks 

Lump in armpit.

12 Mar 2019 15:33 in response to Theatre8

Go to the appointment and get it checked out, for your own piece of mind if nothing else. If there is something there they may be able to do an ultrasound and maybe a biopsy to see if it needs further investigation.


James x

Lump in armpit.

13 Mar 2019 12:11 in response to Theatre8


 I would 100% still go.  Just to be super sure.  Hopefully it’ll come back as nothing but having been diagnosed I would now say to anyone to go to any appt given. It’ll give you peace of mind too. 

I hope it all goes ok! Happy 

N x

Lump in armpit.

13 Mar 2019 14:01 in response to Theatre8


Hi Theatre8,

I agree with Axetogrind and Gemini, keep that appointment. I must state first and foremost, that I am not a doctor, so what I say below are just my own thoughts.

The chances are that you have had a slight inflammation, which has caused your lymph nodes to swell. It sounds as if your lymph nodes may have returned to normal now, but what happens if you cancel your appointment and they swell up again? I have had 2 bouts of breast cancer in the past 9 years and, would hate to think that you missed a diagnosis at this stage, which could complicate any treatment you might need further down the line.

Of those who attend the breast clinic, only 1 person in 10 is diagnosed with breast cancer, so here's hoping that you are one of the lucky 9!

Please let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx.

Lump in armpit.

14 Mar 2019 07:44 in response to Theatre8

Dont cancel the appointment you must always get a lump checked out . the breast clinic will be fine with you even if the lump as gone . ive had breast cancer in 2016 and had another scare  last week and that turned out to be something to do with hormones but the clinic was more than happy to help me.  i hope all goes well for you 

Lump in armpit.

14 Mar 2019 20:30 in response to pg


Thank you all so much for the reply’s.  I spoke with my gp and he. Said I must still go. My appointment is tomorrow evening and I will be going.  Just hate the thought of wasting the nhs time. But I guess the doctor felt it and felt it warranted a referral. 


Thanks again and I hope you are all well x

Lump in armpit.

14 Mar 2019 23:46 in response to Theatre8


HI Theatre,

I am glad to hear that you have decided to keep your appointment and, want to wish you all the best for tomorrow. I sincerely hope that all will turn out well for you and, that nothing untoward is found.

Please let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx