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Lump but no referral

10 Jun 2021 14:59

Hi, I found a lump in my neck 14 months ago. Went to see the Doctor/nurse practitioner who said normally they would refer me to get it check out but Covid means no new referrals are getting  sent. If it's still there in a few weeks let us know. Phoned a month later and said still there, they again said Covid has stopped referrals keep an eye on it and let us know if it gets bigger. Phoned this week and said lump is a bit bigger now so they asked me to go up so they could do a referral to get it checked. Saw the same nurse practitioner I did 14 months ago who said they no longer do referrals for lumps unless it's bigger than 3cm (mines about 2.5cm) She said she will do bloods to see if I have an infection. She didn't ask for any other symptoms or issues and I was out the door with a blood form within about 45 seconds. Bit confused, NHs website says all lumps need checking out especially in my age range if they don't disappear after a few weeks. Anyone else had lumps for years and they been ok or disappeared on their own? I'm glad they don't think it's serious but it worried about the mix messages.

Lump but no referral

10 Jun 2021 15:33 in response to Sue111

Hi and thanks for the post

I can appreciate the frustration and anxiety that this may have caused you. Covid has caused a large backlog and they are being a bit more selective about referrals at present, though hopefully this will change as soon as possible.

It's reassuring that you have had the lump for quite a long time now without any other symptoms and it's a good idea that you will be having a blood test.

Nodes can appear in the neck area due to inflammation ,infection or if you are generally feeling rundown. Sometimes they appear for no reason and can stay up for a long time.

However, it may be helpful to discuss with the GP at what point they may think of referring you for a check ,when they will decide to take the next step forward  and what their reasons are for not being concerned. It will be also useful to have a chat about your own concerns about the mixed messages you are receiving.

I hope things start to improve for you

All the best


Lump but no referral

10 Jun 2021 21:44 in response to CRUK Nurse Wanda

Hi, Thanks for replying and your advice. I'ts good to know the length of time I've had it is a positive in terms of its nothing major. I feel well in myself, tired but I lead a busy life so that's to be expected. The only symptom I have is awful joint pain and I've had that for over a year, they initially thought it was arthritis but those tests came back all clear so maybe just old age starting earlier than I thought it should. 
I think I would rather they say it's nothing and go home rather than keep saying it needs checking out but.....

I will see what the bloods say and go from there.