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Lump biopsy Results pending - appointment change

26 Nov 2022 19:37

Newbie - wanting thoughts/opinions 

Quick bit of background- I’m 36 in the UK, have a fault of change on my BRCA but neither sitting pos/neg on the guidelines. 
Some family history of BreastCancer. 
Had a fibroadenoma on right breast removed 2017.
End feb this year swollen breast on the right, Ultrasound scan showed left side 4oclock likely small FA and cyst no further investigations.
And unknown to me also a  small Likey FA deep central just picked up on Ultrasound but not mentioned.

I went back with a lump I could feel on and ended up with Ultrasound, mammograms and biopsies with a clip added. 

Ultrasound tec mentioned looks possibly like a phyllodes (I wasn’t aware of what that was) due to the growth, density and lobular look… I looked at it on screen looks like a wobbly piece of popcorn…

So below is the findings so far,,,, I’m waiting the lab results now from the biopsy’s…

But if phyllodes are so rare is it not strange it was mentioned in person & in letter if it’s not looking like it??


At the area of clinical concern there is a 15x14mm lobulated solid mass; differential diagnosis could be a fibroadenoma / phyllodes and a possibility of malignancy cannot be excluded because of the family history, reported as U3.

Mammogram was carried out today and has picked-up an 18mm lobulated mass in her left breast reported as M3.

consultant at the end of the appointment said likely be nothing and in that case he would just give me a call.

I've now had an appointment to go, originally it was Monday & then another text and digital letter saying it had now changed and listed a different consultant surgeon.

im obviously suffering with waiting anxiety, but something feels different this time from the last one when it was an FA 

Lump biopsy Results pending - appointment change

28 Nov 2022 10:42 in response to 3Eden1

Hi 3Eden1,

Welcome to Cancer Chat. I can understand the waiting is difficult and I hope it's not too long until you find out more about this. I'm not sure if it is still today that you have your appointment - if so I hope it goes OK and that you get the information you need. I can see you have also posted in the 'Ask the Nurses' section of this forum, so you'll get a reply from one of our nurses before long.

Wishing you all the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator

Lump biopsy Results pending - appointment change

28 Nov 2022 10:49 in response to Moderator Ben


they changed my appointment till tomorrow morning now, it seems to be with a different person - a surgeon.

not sure if it's been changed for a reason that is associated with my results or just understaffed normal reasons! 

trying not to over think it 

Lump biopsy Results pending - appointment change

29 Nov 2022 10:20 in response to 3Eden1

They are happy biopsies taken are benign tumour.
But they want it out soon as possible so the whole lump can be sent for testing to fully determine what it is. 
So I’m booked for lump excision on the 9th December.