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Lump after Biopsy

20 May 2019 23:15

So 2 weeks ago exactly I had a core biopsy for calcifications behind the nipple. 

for the past 10 days I have a large lump abut 5cm this normal? I have no bruising anymore nor pain but this hard lump which gets bigger towards the end of the day...

im scared this may be something untoward as I never had a lump before just calcifications. I’m currently waiting for an appt for a VABB as my results came back B3 so need clarification. Can they do that on a site where a lump now exists? (I’m going away nxt wk anyway so it won’t be done until mid June anyway I guess..the consultant said there was no hurry) 



Lump after Biopsy

22 May 2019 16:55 in response to Glitter-diva

Hi Glitter-diva,

Try not to worry too much and it's nice that your consultant says there is no hurry. If the lump changes, let them know.

Hope you have a good break next week,

Moderator Anastasia